Forming Habits: Show #38 

The mind is a very powerful tool that contributes in the direction you’re headed, whether it’s with productivity at work, with the life decisions you make or when forming habits. Engaging the mind is an essential step in creating, breaking, maintaining, and reinforcing habits, whether good or bad. Knowing the truth about habit formation helps you understand how your brain works and allows you to pursue healthy habits.

Today, I talk about how your good habits can lead you to success by making them the magic potion for your mind. I also share a list of tips on habit formation as well as some tricks you can use to create good habits as done by successful people. I identify helpful apps and support groups that can help you track the habits you want to develop that reinforce the steps you take in engaging your mind in creating good and lasting habit changes.

This Week on the POWER to Live More Podcast:

  • The role the subconscious mind plays in habit formation
  • Things you can do to allow your good habits to lead you to success
  • Defining commitment and how it helps prevent the subconscious mind from interfering with your plans
  • Several ways you can be specific when planning
  • Best time of the day to speak affirmations to yourself
  • Tracking the habits you want to develop
  • Myths and truths about forming good and bad habits
  • The scientific explanation behind habit formation
  • Why baby steps are effective over giant leaps in habit formation

Tips to Habit Formation:

  1. Change one habit at a time.
  2. Take baby steps.
  3. Seek help.
  4. Don’t be discouraged.
  5. Reward yourself for milestones.

References Mentioned:

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