Show #80: Staying Organised While Travelling with George Bell

George Bell on Show #80: Staying Organised and Focused While Travelling

george bell

George Bell is a musician and self-proclaimed cultural entrepreneur.

Alongside his musical talents, he is the owner On:Song, director of the Music Halls Project, and was the director of the Small is Beautiful Festival and ‘captain’ of Nest Collective. Through these various campaigns and companies, he advocates for low carbon technologies, social justice, repurposing churches as concert spaces, music as a way to solve mental health issues and pioneers folk music.

He has played several instruments over the years, including the piano and the piano accordion and currently plays ceilidhs on a regular basis with various outfits.

George joins me to the discuss the widely varied and ever-changing music scene, how it’s evolved and what technology might mean for career musicians.

We talk about staying organised on the road and whether the age-old stereotypes of woefully disorganised artists is based on fact. He also discusses project management, limiting distractions and keeping focused rather than reactive in day-to-day life. We cover his various cultural projects and what inspires him to keep travelling, pioneering and producing in such a challenging industry.

 This Week on The Power to Live More Podcast:

  • George’s journey as a cultural entrepreneur.
  • What On:Song is and what it stands for.
  • The importance of breathing and confidence.
  • How his day looks and how he prioritises in work and life.
  • The work involved in being a musician.
  • Live music vs. streaming.
  • The reality of staying organised in the music industry.
  • Removing technological distractions and communications.
  • The best ways to stay in touch as a mobile and busy team.
  • Being enactive vs. reactive.
  • How he looks after his wellbeing.
  • Handling rejection and disappointment.


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