Georgia Varjas on Show #50: Celebrate Life 

Describing herself as a “rebel with many causes”, Georgia Varjas is a writer, speaker, and mentor. As a former musician, Georgia is creative, imaginative, and loves to be an entertainer. She currently hosts live shows online, inspires others with her fun personality, and empowers women to speak up and let their voices be heard by being their coach and mentor through the Step Up & Stand Out Programme.

Georgia joins me on this episode to share what inspires her to pursue her “big thing”. She talks about the difference between being heard and being believed, the significance of letting go when things don’t go as planned, and how she values generosity, kindness, and gratitude as a way to live more and celebrate life.

“To get the voices of women heard, understood, and believed — that’s my big thing”. – Georgia Varjas

This Week on the POWER to Live More Podcast:

  • How she prioritises what she does at work and in life
  • Scientific connection between the brain and the hand
  • People who help her get things done
  • How she accomplishes tasks she’s not good at
  • Activities she does to keep herself healthy
  • How she proactively keeps learning and develops herself
  • The path that led her to Spain

Georgia’s Advice for Leaders:

  1. Asking is key.
  2. People will do a better job if they feel good because of the more trust and praise you give them.
  3. Take regular breaks.

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Georgia Varjas:

Connect, Share, Inspire

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