Graham Allcott: How to be a Productivity Ninja 

Graham Allcott is the founder of Think Productive, a multinational provider of personal productivity training.

He is the author of the global bestseller How to be a Productivity Ninja and co-authored his latest book Work Fuel: The Productivity Ninja Guide to Nutrition.

He is on a mission to revolutionise how time management courses are delivered and has earned rave reviews for his innovative approach from British Airways, The Cabinet Office and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to name but a few.

He is an experienced speaker and podcaster, focusing on productivity and work/balance.

Graham Allcott joins me today to share how he became specialised in helping others with personal development. He explains the need to focus on taking the time to think creatively in order to maximise your productivity. He also shares how his own challenges led him to an additional way to improve wellness, combat stress, and boost his productivity.

“Thinking is one of the most underrated business practices. Honestly, it’s the superpower of business”

Graham Allcott

This Week on the Power to Live More Podcast:

  • Graham’s background in wellness and productivity and why he started his company.
  • How to take time to think creatively.
  • The benefits to all types of businesses of developing people through attention management.
  • How personal health challenges drove him to learn more about nutrition and its impact on productivity.
  • His recent book Work Fuel: The Productivity Ninja Guide to Nutrition and how he became the co-author for it.
  • The best way of building good habits and maintaining willpower.
  • The 3 key resources he uses to manage his projects
  • The importance of a weekly checklist.
  • Why he admires 2 particular authors who write about business productivity.
  • His own podcast and why he enjoys interviewing his guests so much.
  • His secret for getting over the guilt of an unproductive day.
  • What Living More means to him professionally and personally.

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Graham Allcott:

Connect, Share, Inspire

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