Kim Ades on Show #132: How Your Mindset and Emotional Resilience Affects Your Goals 

 November 16, 2019

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Kim Ades is the Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching and an expert in the field of thought mastery.

She has coached respected business leaders across a variety of fields. Kim uses her experience as an entrepreneur and a unique philosophy to help her clients shift their thinking to yield extraordinary results in their business and personal lives.

Kim is an author and keynote speaker who has been featured at the World Business and Executive Coach Summit amongst other prestigious events and is the founder of JournalEngine Software, a popular journalling tool for entrepreneurs. 

Kim joins me today to discuss her coaching philosophy and why your mindset is so critical in achieving your goals. She shares her enthusiasm for the processes of reflection and self-awareness as a business leader and highlights the relationship between emotional resilience and your goals as an entrepreneur.

Kim also shares the reason she doesn’t recommend seeking a work/life balance and why entrepreneurs should instead focus on managing the highs and lows of life. 

“Emotional resilience is the ability to get back up from adversity – and that requires the type of thinking that is significantly different from the average population.”

Kim Ades

Today on the Power to Live More Podcast:

  • Why the coaches at Frame of Mind Coaching are so committed to their clients
  • Why the coaching process is one of collaboration
  • How she discovered the key strength of successful entrepreneurs
  • The coaching journey and how it unlocks mindset factors that help or hinder you as a leader
  • Why it’s important to journal and record coaching calls 
  • How she recommends her clients unload negative energy and redirect their energy
  • How she uses the analogy of a maths problem to show people how they can align their goals and their mindset
  • Why action follows thought in achieving goals
  • How to uncover your true goals
  • Why Kim values taking time for herself and how she deals with bumps in the road

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