Paul Wilson on Show # 136: Overcoming Fears and Impostor Syndrome to Increase Happiness 

Paul Wilson, the owner of A Happy Head, is a certified hypnotherapist who describes himself as ‘a baggage handler.’

He helps people remove unhelpful or damaging thought patterns and behaviour to become happier.

Paul is a practitioner for making positive changes in life by helping his clients to identify the changes they want to make, from escaping anxiety and becoming more confident to overcoming phobias. Paul relishes the opportunity to help his clients ‘get out of their own way’ and achieve their ambitions.

Paul joins me today to discuss his transition from a career in operations management to an entrepreneur working flexibly to help others cast off their worries and live a happier life.

He shares why people today are often paralysed by fear or held back by Imposter Syndrome and how this impinges on their ability to reach their goals.

He discusses the importance of looking inward to discover what you really want out of life and the dangers of focusing too much on what other people have. He also emphasises why you must strive for your own goals and highlights the two biggest happiness blockers in the modern world.

“We all do things to stop ourselves from getting to where we need to be or where we want to be.”

– Paul Wilson

This Week on The Power to Live More Podcast:

  • Paul’s coaching method and how it gets results
  • Why procrastination is an ever-present danger for entrepreneurs
  • How to listen to what you really want in life and have tough conversations with yourself
  • Why earning too much can decrease your happiness
  • The importance of living in the present
  • Why we need to regain the art of conversation and how it helps in your professional life
  • Why he only puts three items on his daily to-do list
  • How he uses Facebook Live videos to connect with clients
  • Paul’s productivity tips
  • Why you should keep a daily check on your income
  • Why solopreneurs should focus on only one task
  • How Paul relaxes and refreshes his mind during his time off

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