Scott Gould: Finding Focus Through Flexibility Tradeoff 

Scott Gould is an engagement strategy consultant with nearly 20 years of experience. Most of his work revolves around creating frameworks, forming new ideas, and coming up with ingenious solutions to the difficult challenges his clients face. He describes his ideal day as walking around an inspiring city with his family while meeting new people and discussing great ideas.

Scott joins me today to share how flexibility helps him prioritise his time and his tasks. He explains how he overcomes the challenge to ‘switch off’ as he transitions back from work to focus on his family and shares how the book and concept of essentialism has liberated him.

“The trade-off is scary; but when it does pay off, it’s really rewarding.” – Scott Gould

This Week, Scott Gould, on the POWER to Live More Podcast:

  • Knowing the optimum time of day for you to do different tasks
  • Flexibility versus routine
  • Benefits of working at home
  • Describing the trade-off concept of Essentialism
  • How ‘The Four Tendencies’ test helped Scott follow through on his obligations
  • The significance of knowing what your values are and how they impact your focus
  • Working with a whiteboard and spreadsheet
  • Dealing with challenging situations through the ‘sleep before I speak’ concept

Overview of the Trade-Off Concept:

  1. Gauge your talents and skills and rate them from one to ten.
  2. Let go of your 7s and 8s.
  3. Pursue only your 9s and 10s.

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Scott Gould:

Connect, Share, Inspire

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