Steven Foster on Show #44: Reading, Persistence, and Success 

Steven Foster is the CEO of a company called The Magic Octopus that specialises in creating content for small businesses. Based on the company’s unique and appealing name, Steven and his team work magic to allow businesses to communicate and reach out to their prospective clients not only through chat and social media, but also through film and animation. They also work as an outsourced marketing department, something that they are currently doing for larger brands and companies.

Steven joins me today to share how he manages to stay productive in spite of the varying work locations and routines and the essential changes in his life that contributed to his renewed attitude and outlook.

He also explains why reading is a big part of his life and how it has impacted the way he views challenges and life itself.

“Your brand in business is a reflection of you; it has to be.” – Steven Foster

This Week on the POWER to Live More Podcast:

  • How he continues to educate himself
  • Trust and its role in his team’s work environment and culture
  • Creating a “Critical List”
  • Staying healthy physically and mentally
  • Stepping back versus reacting when dealing with problems
  • Why comparing yourself to someone else is a major problem
  • Steven’s definition of success

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