Choosing Goodness and an Intentional Life with Tommy Breedlove

Tommy Breedlove on Show #78: Choosing Goodness and an Intentional Life

tommy breedlove

Tommy Breedlove is a writer, coach, featured speaker and author of From Pawn to King.

From a life of mental struggle and turmoil to a life of abundance and security, he has changed his outlook and now helps others to change theirs.

Through the Choose Goodness movement and life coaching, he teaches individuals and business organisations to search for unmet human needs that create a transformational impact on themselves. His mission to empower people with the tools and skills to become the person they have always dreamed of being.

Tommy joins me today to discuss his journey, how he reconfigured his life and how to prioritise yourself in your life journey.

We cover his best tips and processes for optimising your time, working in positive and thriving environments and how to simply live more.

He explains, with reference to his personal journey, how you can gradually implement new mindsets into your business and personal life that will encourage dramatic change and a better quality of living.

 This Week on The Power to Live More Podcast:

  • Why he turned his career and life around
  • How he fell into life and business coaching
  • The moment he decided to change his life
  • The danger of men not showing emotion
  • How he finds balance and prioritises his work and personal life
  • The power of ‘hell yes’!
  • How to be intentional in your life and in your business
  • How he schedules his day
  • What and how to outsource in order to grow your business
  • What to look for in people you bring in to your business
  • The biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make
  • How he practices self-care and relaxation
  • The power of choice and how you choose to see the world
  • The Choose Goodness Movement
  • How to avoid anger through meditation
  • How to have more good days and less bad days
  • What ‘living more’ means


The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by Gary Keller

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