Wendy Kier: Planning in Threes, Crunch, Camtasia and Sticking with Stuff 

Since this podcast interview, Wendy has changed her focus and has also been on the show again – Wendy Kier on Show #227: The Trauma Recovery Method

Planning in Threes, Crunch, Camtasia and Sticking with Stuff with Wendy Kier of Virtual Summits

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Tools & Apps

  • PlayStation 4 – “Oh my God. I don’t have any social life whatsoever! I love PS4. I love solving problems, creating things, solving problems, so PS4 is just brilliant for that. I have a PS4, PlayStation 4, helps me relax. The game I’m playing at the moment is called Elder Scrolls. You fight people, you go into battle, you have tasks, you have challenges. It’s very creative. It’s almost like a constant learning environment.”
  • Camtasia – “that is a piece of software which I use for my training courses which allows you to record from your computer, slides or anything else that’s happening online as well, so basically, you can just film what you’re doing on your computer. That tool is brilliant.”
  • Crunch – “This is for accounts. You know, historically, I had a bookkeeper, but Crunch is brilliant, because I can just upload all of my accounting, whether it’s receipts, or different projects that I have going. I’ve found Crunch saves me a lot of time, and plus it just enables me to keep an eye on my ingoings and outgoings, so I know exactly where I am in the here and now. I love Crunch as well.”
  • Dropbox is a brilliant tool.

Other Resources

  • Slim in Six – “One of the things I did after Christmas, and it’s in a box set somewhere in the front room, is I bought a little DVD set called “Slim in Six”, which is an exercise workout. I have to consciously just remind myself to eat healthfully, and do the “Slim in Six” thing, when I remember to do it.”


  • Theme Days – “I definitely have fixed days in terms of, I have different online groups, courses that I run, so on Tuesday and Thursday, I always have my group course on a Tuesday and Thursday, and those two days are precious for training.”
  • Planning – “I work from a principle of three, so I only plan for three months at a time. My brain can’t seem to cope with anything past three months, so all my projects fit into three months. It’s a three month plan, the projects, and then I have three tasks a day that I work on.

I work backwards. The way I’ve done it for these first three months of 2016, my next live course goes out on the 18th of April, so I know to get enough people into that course, there are certain projects that I need to do to get people into the group programme. I know that’s going out on the 18th, so I need to get more people into lower-priced courses so some of them filter through and go into the group programme. I have run two group programmes, so those are my two other little projects. That’s what I focus in on.

I use Google Documents, and what I do is I have … I think it’s called “The First Three Months” or something. Then, within that folder, I have the three different projects, and then I have … I have the three different projects, but then I have a single sheet that has the key tasks from all of the separate projects on one page. I have the deadlines on that page, and I have some tasks on there that I always need to do. Every day, I use that sheet, and then I have a look to make sure I’m on track. I work on priority”

  • Product Planning – “You know when you’re creating products, you want to create a family of products that fit into … Right, let me give an example. People who are going to eventually do virtual summits, want to learn about list building, they’ll need to learn about email marketing, they potentially might need to know how to create a product. Each of those little baby steps, so the digital product and list building, are separate courses, would help people make the decision to do a virtual summit. They’re interconnected with one another.”
  • Being forward-thinking – “I find it very hard to go backwards. I find it very hard to go over old projects, but I’m constantly moving forward. I’m one of those people that’s just constantly moving forward, rather than backwards.”
  • Sticking with Stuff – “There is this thing, and I know Nicola Cairncross and Judith Morgan, on their podcast, which is called ‘Own It’, were talking about it the other week, about, we invest all this time and money in learning something. Its sometimes better just to stay with what we’ve invested all that time and money in learning, rather than just moving across to something new because it’s a little bit cheaper.”
  • Learning to Procrastinate – “I think Nicola and Judith, on their podcast, said that you end up sort of buying lots of stuff or watching lots of stuff or reading lots of stuff, sort of trying to learn all the time, and actually it just sort of distracts you from doing. It can be a bit of a procrastination tactic sometimes as well, can’t it?”

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Tweet: “I’ve found Crunch saves me a lot of time, and plus it just enables me to keep an eye on my ingoings and outgoings” https://ctt.ec/FjsLI+

Tweet: “I work from a principle of 3, I only plan for 3 mths at a time & then I have 3 tasks a day that I work on” @digitalbizleads https://ctt.ec/a6eXa+

Tweet: “I try and keep everything as simple as possible. I stick with things that I find really easy to use” @digitalbizleads https://ctt.ec/_S465+

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