Yann Ilunga on Show #102: Becoming a Podcasting Pro 

Yann Ilunga has earned himself the nickname “unicorn-level digital marketing expert”, and with good reason.

On top of being a podcasting consultant and international speaker, Yann is also a systems strategist. His day usually involves assisting entrepreneurs in setting up their own podcasts and establishing automated systems for better business operations.

His brainchild, the Podcast Growth Mastermind, has been hailed as the “Podcast Community to Join” by none other than Forbes. This marketing multi-specialist from Switzerland also has 4 podcasts under his belt. 

Yann joins me today to discuss the particulars of podcasting. He shares the story of what he does for a living, how he got his start in the industry, and how he earned his unique “unicorn-level” moniker. He explains the current data and trends in the podcasting industry as well as why it’s a great time to get into podcasting.

He also discusses his techniques in dealing with burnout and keeping his schedule organised as well as shares his process for selecting digital tools, and how he uses them to maintain a healthy work-life balance. 

“Audio as a platform and podcast as a medium can be a very effective asset for consultants, for business owners, for podcasters, for writers… almost for anybody, really.”

Yann Ilunga

This Week on The Power to Live More Podcast: 

  • What Yann does, and what being a systems strategist means. 
  • Where his “unicorn-level digital marketing expert” title came from. 
  • How he got his start in the industry. 
  • The lightbulb moment when he decided to shift his focus to podcasting. 
  • How most podcast data available is US-centric and the challenges and opportunities that presents. 
  • The surprising content creation trend in the podcasting industry. 
  • Why bigger growth is on the horizon for podcasting. 
  • Yann’s experience with burnout and how this made him realise that he needed a break. 
  • His “macro and micro” approach to setting goals and organising his schedule and tasks. 
  • How he leverages his time effectively. 
  • His best practices when it comes to managing his Facebook group. 
  • The secret to finding the best tool to fit your working style. 
  • The key features that Yann thinks are ideal for a digital tool to have, and what turns him off. 
  • The podcasts he has handled and is still handling, and their main differences. 
  • How he is being more selective with the tools he uses in order to “centralise” his tasks. 
  • How he keeps up with what’s new and current in terms of work-life integration. 
  • The value of being an active listener and keeping oneself informed. 
  • The significance of approaching podcast listening from different angles. 
  • How Yann handles bad days — and why he gives himself days to “be lazy”. 
  • Why he has stopped comparing his journey to other people’s. 
  • His idea of a day when he gets to “live more”. 

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