Do You Take Time to Just Sit and Think? 

I have a question for you.

Do you ever just sit and think about what you want your life or your business to look like? Do you think about what’s working and what isn’t? Do you think about what you may want to change, or what you would like things to look like in the future?

If this isn’t something you’re doing, I would recommend you start as soon as possible. 

Most successful people make the time to slow down and think. For example, Bill Gates set aside an entire week each year to do nothing but read articles and contemplate the future of computing.

Most successful CEOs and entrepreneurs take the time to think and visualise. Pro athletes spend time daily on visualisation exercises. It’s part of their training programme and just as important as hitting the weights room or going out for a run. 

You are what you think, and you become what you visualise the most. Be proactive about it. Set some time aside on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to think and plan.

If you don’t make it a habit or put it on the calendar, it isn’t going to happen, and your long-term success will suffer. Here are some suggestions for when and how you may choose to take the time to think and plan. 

Making Time for a Brief Daily Planning Session

At the end of each day, take a few minutes to review what you’ve accomplished (and what you didn’t). Then set three important tasks you want to get done the next day.

This will help you stay on track and ensure that you work on the most productive and most important tasks first thing in the morning.

You’re ready to roll and will feel accomplished right away. Most importantly, if you work on the important stuff first, you will make progress even if the day starts to get away from you after a while. 

Plan to Review Your Week and Set New Targets 

At the end of the week, take a little time to review what went well and what didn’t.

This will help you adjust your plan and set some new targets that you want to hit the following week. Put those in writing and keep them in plain sight. This makes it easier to decide on those important daily tasks. 

Create a Quarterly Plan with Monthly Milestones 

It’s important not to lose sight of your goals and milestones. For many people, creating a quarterly plan with monthly milestones works well.

Set aside some time once a quarter to create your plan. What do you want to accomplish over the next 90 days? Again, write it down, then break down the bigger goal into monthly milestones.

Review this plan often to make sure you stay on track. 

Set Yearly Goals and Beyond 

Last but not least, get in the habit of setting yearly goals.

Take it a step further and create a vision for where you would like to be five or ten years from now. This takes time and mental energy, but it is well worth doing.

Your long-term dream will become your yearly and quarterly plan that then drives your weekly and daily tasks.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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