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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word project?

You usually picture it as a set of tasks that you have to accomplish. Or maybe some sticky notes and flowcharts that are drawn on a board leading to a final task. But, what if I tell you that you are partially correct. Are you wondering what else is a project and project management? 

With the changing notion of technology, the idea of projects is also transforming. How is this happening? Nowadays, projects are not just limited to the fulfilment of tasks. Rather, these involve a wider aspect. They can be both short-term and long-term. For the success of these projects, many businesses are opting for task management software. These play a key role in streamlining the process and project completion. 

Why choose task management software?

Are you wondering why to incorporate technology when you can manage tasks manually? The key reason is that technology simplifies processes. In the cut-throat competition, you surely want to achieve your goals at priority. With a good task management software, you can easily get all of it done and set a front foot in the industry. To make it clear, here is a list of some benefits that the task management software offers.

1. Project planning

A decade ago, if anyone would have been told of working on guesswork basis, it would seem like a fantasy. But, not anymore. Technologies like AI help you make accurate predictions and allocate the work accordingly. The task management software makes the work effortless and streamlined. Project planning also allows project managers to work effectively and develop a strong base.

2. Management of resources

Source: PeppyBiz

Not everyone has an overflow of resources. For a good return, it is important to understand the bottlenecks of the project. Tools like heatmaps provide clear visibility of project flow and how strategies are working. Efficient resource management allows for the successful delivery of projects. 

3. Forecasting the pipeline

Many times, a project manager has to look after multiple projects simultaneously. The project management software provides an overview of all projects at once, to avoid any issues. This helps to forecast the work pipeline and completion of work accordingly.

4. Team collaboration

One of the quintessential task management software features is a collaboration with the team. With almost all operations taking place virtually, clouds provide a safe place for team collaboration. This allows the members to work from anywhere they wish to. This further helps in sorting out the tasks by aligning with the team.

5. Real-time reporting and management

Whether it be a short-term or long-term project, it is essential to have timely insights into project accomplishments. The task management software provides you with real-time insights that allow you to improve instantly. They also play an important role in the decision-making process throughout the project management process.

6. Effective communication

The software act as a funnel for communication both with the team and clients. This allows you to fulfil the project requirements with complete transparency. Project management software provides you with comprehensive information directly from the clients. This makes it feasible to make direct changes and review the progress.

7. Customer satisfaction

The more well-managed and well-delivered a project is, the higher is the customer satisfaction. 

Opting for smart tools allows in increasing the success rate. After all, the bottom line of all software integration is customer satisfaction and achieving the required goals.

All these benefits are influencing enough for you to integrate good task management software. They help in managing the scope, quality and budget constraints simultaneously. So, if you want to overhaul the business, task management software is the go-to option for that.

Best task management software and tools to choose from

Source: PeppyBiz

To take your project management a notch-up, we’ve compiled a list of software that can help you boost the process. Check out the software below.


PeppyBiz allows you to easily take control of all the projects and team collaborations. The features that it offers are:

  • With the help of the kanban board, you can self-manage all the tasks. 
  • Provides project progression report at all steps
  • Visualization of the project timeline
  • Task allocation to teams
  • Project accountability which is reliable for timely delivery
  • Gantt projects which are time-specific
  • Integration of the files and documents on the cloud for easier accessibility
  • Assign the roles to members according to the workflow process


For all the teams looking for modernity, this can be their go-to option. They provide carefree collaborations and an advanced social media interface for a smooth process. Its features include:

  • Management of multiple users on the project
  • Provision of message boards
  • Team collaboration in the app
  • Project performance reports
  • Client dashboard for performance analysis
  • Email notifications

The students and teachers can use this tool free of cost.


It is like the one-stop-shop for multiple tools. It replaces conventional emailing methods and offers an innovative way of working. Its features include:

  • Helps in assigning the user roles
  • Enables discussion and chats of teams over the web
  • Assignment of tasks and delegation to teams
  • Provision of reports
  • Secure storage for files which also provides a backup

It provides a well-optimized and integrated user interface for easier and efficient collaboration.


If you are looking to visualize your tasks and want to accomplish the project goals, then Trello dashboards are your go-to option. The features that it offers are:

  • Creation of unlimited tasks
  • Simplified process of creating boards and managing tasks
  • Sharing documents, files and images
  • Organization of lists  on the basis of priority
  • Collaboration and board sharing with team

For personal uses, you need to pay any charges, which makes it a feasible option.


You are halfway there if you know the task management software and their benefits. All you need to do is integrate them with your project. After all, you do not want to end up missing deadlines. So, what are you waiting for? Get going with your project with these amazing tools in hand.

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Sara Williams
Sara is a Content Writer at PeppyBiz. She is not only a creative writer but also paints a beautiful canvas. She makes sure that you are left with no doubt about keeping up with marketing and sales.

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