Scott McCarthy on Show #61: The Power of Delegation 

Scott McCarthy is the founder of Moving Forward Leadership, a leadership consulting company and podcast that offers coaching services to business owners, government and nonprofit organisations as well as stay-at-home parents.

He is passionate about helping people move forward and become better leaders. In addition to working as a leadership coach, he is also a Senior Canadian Army Officer, commanding a logistics squadron of 200 soldiers.

Scott joins me today to share the power of delegation as he wears different hats throughout the day. He discusses how he empowers others to level up their leadership skills as he trains them to make better decisions as well as the tools he uses to manage his tasks given his diverse roles.

He also shares the necessary mindset change that makes things move forward faster and how helping and inspiring others is his picture of a perfect day where he gets to live more.

[spp-tweet tweet=”“Push your decision-making to the lowest level because what happens is the decision-making process speeds up.” – Scott McCarthy”]

This Week on the POWER to Live More Podcast:

  • Scott’s workstations and how he manages to work at eight different locations
  • The driving factors that inspires him to do what he does
  • How he prioritises his tasks and things to do
  • Why he doesn’t need cutting-edge technology to get the job done
  • Who helps him get things done
  • How he empowers his team
  • Why lunchtime is his favourite time of the day
  • Why he believes in quality over quantity
  • Resources he uses for personal development
  • How compartmentalising helps him when things don’t go right
  • How he uses his alone time in the evening to get over the day’s challenges

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Scott McCarthy:

Connect, Share, Inspire

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