Think Before You Speak and Other Ways Slow Thinking Will Help You in Everyday Life 

We live in a time of instant gratification and constant reachability. The end result is that acting fast and thinking quickly has become our default reaction.

This wasn’t always the case. Just a generation or two ago, thinking slowly and being more deliberate in what we did was the norm. 

Think Before You Speak 

You’ve probably heard this piece of advice from your mother or grandmother. All too often we speak our mind without considering how what we say sounds to others and how it may affect them.

Words can hurt both others and us. A harsh word in the wrong situation, or a bit of gossip heard by the wrong person, can harm our reputation or hurt someone we love.

Get in the habit of stopping and thinking about what you’re about to say.

Not only will this help you avoid putting your foot in your mouth, it also helps you express your thoughts more clearly, making you look good in the process. 

Think Before You React 

How often have you had a knee jerk reaction that you regretted later?

It’s easy to give into strong emotions like anger or fear in the heat of the moment. This can cause you to say or do something that you’ll later regret.

Take a deep breath, count to ten, and do whatever it takes to stop and think for a moment before you react. In some cases, it doesn’t hurt to have a good night’s sleep before you respond to something. Your perspective may have changed once you’ve gained a bit of distance. 

Think Before You Spend 

This one’s a biggie for many of us and something that gets us into trouble when we don’t do it.

It’s thinking about what we want to spend our hard-earned money on. Don’t give in to those impulse buys. Give yourself a little time to think about any purchase you make.

What do you really want or need? Not only will it keep you from wasting money, you’ll also end up with less stuff cluttering up your home or office. As a bonus, you’ll actually have the funds for the stuff you really want. 

Think Before You Quit or Commit 

Here’s another quick tip for you. Take a little time to think about whether or not you want to do something before you either quit or commit to something new.

We all get excited and frustrated with the things we do at times. It’s easy to jump into a new obligation because it sounds fun at the time. It’s also easy to call something quits after a rough day or two.

Take a moment to slow down and think things through. Don’t get swept up in the moment and make a decision that you’ll regret later. 

I hope these quick tips to encourage you to spend a little time slowing down and thinking about what you’re about to do will help you in all areas of your life going forward.

Photo by LOGAN WEAVER on Unsplash

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