Angela Legh on Show #188: Learning to Love Yourself 

Angela Legh, the author of the Bella Santini book series, adores wandering the Cotswolds, dreaming up dragons, monsters, and other magical beings.

She specialises in opening the hearts and minds of adults and children to the magic they have inside.

Bella Santini in the Land of Everlasting Change is the first book in a fairy tale series intended to open the hearts and minds of readers to empowering consciousness concepts.

Angela is also a certified Quantum Shift Facilitator, helping people connect to their inner truths to discover who they really are and teaching them the tools and techniques they need to overcome adversity.

Angela joins me today and discusses the childhood trauma that led to her toxic marriage and the recent devastating life event that triggered her to make a huge life change.

She discusses her first experience with writing and publishing chapters in self-help books and how that led to her transition from government administrative officer to full-time writer.

Julie also describes the concept of Hoʻoponopono and how the ancient Hawaiian art helped her understand, forgive, and heal from the problematic chapters in her past. 

“When the waves push you back just float. And when they bring you in, swim like heck.”

Angela Legh

This week on The Power to Live More Podcast:

  • The importance of setting boundaries in your personal life to safeguard your mental health
  • How the stories from Angela’s past help other women deal with their own trauma
  • How to deal with significant life changes and why it’s ok if your methods are different from what is expected
  • How Angela’s Bella Santini adventure books have a thread on bolstering emotional intelligence
  • Why Angela went from writing non-fiction to writing a children’s’ adventure book series
  • Why she moved from the US to the UK and the lessons she learned by making a lifestyle change during a pandemic
  • What Angela’s days look like and how she starts her day off on the right foot
  • How Angela learns and grows through reading
  • What Angela does on days when it all goes horribly wrong

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#188 Angela Legh Interview

Wed, 10/28 2:36PM



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Today I'm interviewing Angela Lee, author of the Bella Santini Chronicles. Welcome, Angela. Thanks for joining me. Hello, I am so pleased to be on your show. Thank you so much. So start by telling us a bit about who you are what you do. I think I've hinted at that slightly already and where you do it. Okay, so I'm Angela Lee, and I'm an author. I've written three, well in three self help anthologies for adults. And now I'm writing a series of children's fairy tales. Mm hmm. And where do you do that? Where are you based? Are you in an office and you work from home? How does all that work?


Like many people, I work from home.


I'm based in Cheltenham, UK right now. Lovely. You say it's a bit of a not required question at the moment, isn't it? Do you work from home office?


I find fewer and fewer people actually go to an office these days. Yes, yes, exactly. So tell us about how this all came about. And many people say they they'd love to be an author. And they'd love to write a book. And clearly you've written a number of them now, where did that all come from? Yeah, so I'm going to give you a real, hopefully, short video of me.

#188 Angela Legh Interview

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Transcribed by So I was born in San Francisco, California. And I lived in Northern California for all my life until I moved here.


When I was four years old, my house burned down. And at the time, I so I was four, and I had gone through this significant trauma. My parents were unable to find a rental where they would allow for little kids. So they couldn't find housing. They shipped us kids out. So my sister and I went and lived with a friend of the family who I didn't know.


And so I was separated from my mother and father at the age of four, right after significant trauma for about three or four months. And


that really kind of played a role in how I lived my life. That abandoned feeling, and it's through no fault of my parents.


kind of made me


Well, what I would say is I I grew up without having self love.


And so I ended up in a marriage that was toxic.


I played a role in it, as did he. So I am not casting any blame at this time. Yeah. But it was a toxic marriage. And it wasn't good for either one of us in the long run.

#188 Angela Legh Interview

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Transcribed by 03:11

I stayed in that marriage for 30 years because I didn't value myself. But one night in 2017, I was awakened at 130 in the morning by a phone call. And it was a robotic phone call saying wildfire in your neighborhood, evacuated immediately.


I quickly got out of bed, open the back door. And what I saw and heard was unreal. The sky at 130 in the morning was a brilliant orange. And the noise sounded like a freight train and a lion roaring combined. And it was unreal, unworldly and very scary. So I shut the door. I woke up my ex husband and I said we have to evacuate. And within 10 minutes, we left the only thing we had or I had grabbed some photo albums. He grabbed some business paperwork.


We gotten one of the cars, we had the dog and all the dog stuff. Cuz that was important when we left the house, not knowing if we were going to be able to return.


And what we found out subsequently is that the corner of our house caught fire 10 minutes after we left and the entire house was gone. 10 minutes after that. So in 10 minutes, a large single family home was reduced to a two foot pile of ash. That is how


veracious that particular fire was, and that night, 5000 homes were destroyed in my town.

And 25 people lost their life. It was



just a nightmare of a night. And in the long run, that was my awakening, that was

#188 Angela Legh Interview

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Transcribed by 05:26

when when you lose all the things that keep you busy in your life, and all you have is your relationship, you don't have anything but your relationship and you know that the relationship isn't good for you.


That's when you have to decide, is, is this the life you want to live? Um, for me, the answer was no. So I left my marriage.


About six months later, I quit my job. And I moved across the ocean and started this life of being an author.


So my first introduction to writing was right after in January of 2018. So the fire was in October 17.


My first introduction to writing was January of 18, when I saw a Facebook post by a friend that said she was looking for female authors to write about adversity. So I messaged her and I said, Well, I actually have lived through a wildfire and had to rebuild my life. And so perhaps I could be in the book. And she agreed. So


that was my introduction, that book is called ignite your life for women. And there are 35 authors, one of which is me. And each chapter tells a tale of adversity, but ends with action steps of what the person did to overcome the adversity. Mm hmm. Yeah.


So that's how I got my start. And

#188 Angela Legh Interview

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Transcribed by 07:23

it's not a not a recommended way for people to start writing. Not everybody needs a fire to get them into


their dream job.


Exactly. So as ever, with my guests, so many questions from that for me, so, um,


oh, I don't even know where to start.


Um, you were in an area where there seems to be I don't know if this has always been the case. But there seems to be a lot of fires happening in recent years. I guess it is probably getting worse. But is it? Did you always have a concern that that might be an option that might happen in your area? Or was it absolutely. Out of the blue? It was out of the blue? It wasn't even on the radar. The last time a wildfire swept through the area prior to 2017 was in 1964. Right? Yeah. And so it wasn't, you know, it was like every 50 years, you could expect something like that. That subsequent to 2017. There was a fire in 1819 and 20. Wow.


Yeah, big difference. And presumably, there was some triggers around the original house fire as well at that stage. And did you did you? Oh, yes. Are you acting that did you know, know that that was going to happen? Well, the reason I grabbed the photo albums is because I remember as a young child, standing behind my mother, yes, she rifled through a box of photos that had sort of survived the fire. They were they were smoke damaged. They were burned around the edges, and they were water damaged from the firefighting. So I remember her crying. And I so that stayed with me, the first thing I did was grab

#188 Angela Legh Interview

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Transcribed by 09:31

because everything else, your towels, your art, everything is replaceable by those photos aren't. My, my.


And he talked about when that happened when you sort of were farmed out to the friends when you were young, that that caused a sort of ongoing issue around lack of self love, and he talked about, you know, having a sort of toxic marriage. Hmm, what


Obviously a lot has happened to you in the last sort of three years. And even not just lost your home, you know, splits up the husband, you've moved across the world, and


completely different career in it. What did you do before when you had a job? I was a government administrator. Right? So not writing as such, but probably writing but honestly


not the same.


It's It feels like there, there has been a massive transition, there's been some real growth for you. And the fire, the situation was obviously a trigger for it. But what do you think's carried you through?


You know, it's interesting, because that first book, the Ignite your life for women book,

#188 Angela Legh Interview

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Transcribed by 10:49

I wrote it actually, after I left the marriage. And I was,


I had decided that the


the action steps were going to be about forgiveness. And what I was, at the time where I was in my growth pattern was thinking I was forgiving him. And so, you know, I, I wrote about how a Pono Pono, which is


a method of forgiveness that actually affects you, as well as the person that you're thinking of, that you believe has harmed you.


But what for me, I came to the realization that my lack of self love meant that I did not set boundaries. And it meant that I allowed myself


to be subject to behaviors that most people would not allow themselves to be subject to.


And so for me, I came to the realization that can I blame him? Or do I have to take some responsibility for where I was? And I'm not saying that this is true for everybody. I'm just talking about what worked for me.


What I did was through Whoa, Pono Pono. I learned that I forgave myself for my choices,

#188 Angela Legh Interview

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Transcribed by as well as forgiving him


for his choices, and it was a very powerful growth period for me.




And how did how did you sort of section of that book stack up against other people's? The reason I ask is I was involved in a, in a book like that, I don't know, probably about 10 or so years ago. And


I had quite a sort of benign thing to share. I was talking about a business realization I'd had around networking or something, it was really, you know, just sort of a normal ish thing. And then I read the book and like nearly everyone else, really dramatic, you know, what?


I know really well now. lacerated falsely in America for four years, my children were like six and eight. And, you know, all of those things that was like the flavor of most of the book, and I felt like a complete fraud, because I




quite as traumatic happened at that at that moment. But, you know, though, that the truth is that

#188 Angela Legh Interview

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Transcribed by 13:51

we all have traumatic things in our lives. Yeah. Yeah. And to compare our trauma against someone else's, is fraught with peril. Yes. Because everybody responds to trauma differently. Yeah. And so, um, you know, someone who has the ability to change, change easily, like, I am an example of someone I can, I can make change, and it's not a problem for me. But there are other people who have a comfort zone, and they, they're afraid of change. for them. It would be more traumatic than what it would be for me. And so to compare trauma stories. Yes, exactly. And I think that's why you know, I, I'm very open in in real life, but I wouldn't write things. I wouldn't like things sort of printed for posterity that were too personal. So I probably wouldn't share that myself. And you


Why opiates? I'm a very open person, you know, in Korea, and I, I have had people


who looked


who judged me for being as open as I am. But


the way I look at it is if, if my story can inspire one person, then it's worth sharing. Yes, yes, absolutely. So that was that was book one. What happened after that?


Well, I wrote a second book. It was a more local book. So this was 20 authors, me doing one chapter. This was also on forgiveness and also really around the fire because this book was all fire victims that were writing in the book. And then


I had an adventure the third book was ignite your travel adventure spirit. And that was

#188 Angela Legh Interview

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Transcribed by written around a near drowning I had in Portugal Wow.


was my own fault.


I swam in a


heavy seas ocean that I shouldn't have been swimming in.


However, I did make it and the


the learning that came from that little adventure was pretty powerful. What I walked away with from that was an understanding of what surrender and going with the flow truly meant. Because what saved me was my friend saying, Angie, when the waves push you back, just float. And when they're bringing you in swim like, heck, yeah. And I thought, Wow, that is such a roadmap for life.


Yeah, yeah. So that's the third book, and then the Bella Santini Chronicles book, which are my children's book.


I have really wrapped some emotional intelligence lessons for kids into the book.

#188 Angela Legh Interview

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Transcribed by 17:27



by learning a sense of self at a young age, perhaps they won't need a fire when they're in their middle ages to wake up. Yeah.


So to their own value, because everyone is so valuable. Yeah. So who is it aimed at? What sort of ages? And what's the sort of


the pitch, if I were to pitch this to a child or a parent?


I think the pitch is different for a child.


So for children if that book is aimed at age eight to 11, and I would say that the pitch to children is do you like, fairies, and strong female leads? Or maybe dragons, trolls? And wraiths?


Do you like adventure?


Yeah, that will be fun for you to read. Mm hmm. For adults, it would be perhaps

#188 Angela Legh Interview

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Transcribed by 18:39

when you read this book series to your children, they will learn that


truly expressing their feelings and having a voice is very important to their growth. And that suppression of feelings


can lead to dis ease with a dash like this dash ease.




that for their children to learn, to feel and express their feelings is a lesson that will serve them throughout their lifetime. Hmm.


You sold me on it?


Well, it's interesting. I ran across a video on YouTube. It was Mr. Rogers of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.


And he he was


#188 Angela Legh Interview

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Transcribed by in front of Congress in 1968. He was speaking about his program. And what he was trying to do was save funding for public television in America.


And what he said


Was my program teaches kids that their emotions are mentionable and manageable.


And what my I realized, you know, that's, that's exactly what my book does. So my book takes kids down that rabbit hole, and


does the same


service, or mental health in whatever country, you know, in America, certainly in but in the UK, in Canada, in Australia, whatever country that the book is read. So how did you turn your experience and the sort of having written some books thing into it being a children's book in a series and so on? Because it's


the worst thing to do and not, not? Again, not everyone would have done that.


Right. Um, what happened was, I had started writing a little fairy tale for a friend's daughter. And I had no intention of being an author of children's books. I was just on a lark plane with the story. But the story kept growing. And I realized at some point that there were life lessons in the story. And, and that's when I thought, well, I need to turn this into a

#188 Angela Legh Interview

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Transcribed by book. So I, I wrote the first book, and it was 55,000 words, I found a publisher, the publisher said, That's too long, you need to split the book into two. So now I had book one and Book Two, just correct uselessly.


And at the time, I had already written about 25,000 words, in what I thought was Book Two, but now it's Book Three. Yes. And so it was like, in just an instant, I had three books and a series with


I don't even train. Yeah. So I won't ask you questions about how do you you know, get inspired and keep going, man. What I'm intrigued about is that whole sort of moving, not just countries but continents, when it's something that's quite a,


you know, a pipe dream for a lot of people. It's something that people have often said they'd like to do, but most people don't end up doing.


Yeah. What? What happened?




what happened is, when I quit my government job, I went on a two month trip through Europe. And as I was lugging my luggage around, I realized,


I am not afraid. There is no wildfires here.

#188 Angela Legh Interview

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Transcribed by 23:06

And so I decided at that moment that I'm going to move to this part of the world. And I chose England, which is so green, you know, they they actually did have a wildfire on the Moore's this year.


But the, the towns are not likely to be struck by wildfire.


I can sleep fairly easily. Yeah.


Yeah. Yeah. But what I would say that


it is quite an undertaking to move across the continent. And,


or, you know, over an ocean. Yeah. And


this move was complicated by COVID. Because I arrived in Cheltenham in October at the end of October. Oh,


and I didn't know anyone. So I had to between October and January, I started building a community for myself here.

#188 Angela Legh Interview

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Transcribed by 24:20

And then COVID happened, and all of a sudden, I was living alone. All by myself, no one to talk to for weeks on it.


That was another transformative time for me where I learned to truly, truly love myself. Because when there's no one, but yourself.


You better like your


Yes, yeah. Yeah. I mean, I hadn't sort of factored that into the to the conversation that as you say, you know, you'd left your country left your marriage or anything else, but


Yeah, covid meant something even more different not not not just not knowing people, but not having that community around you already that you would naturally have had had you live there for there. Yes, yeah.


So what do your days look like? How, what does what does an offer do?


Well, my days start with meditation, and every single day, so it might be a half an hour, it might be an hour. And what I really love to do is get up, get up early, while it's still dark outside, and just contemplate and watch the sunrise and then go into an medication. So here, there's not necessarily sunrise but I can watch this guy grow lighter in the morning

#188 Angela Legh Interview

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Transcribed by 25:59

before I go into meditation,


and then


I like every once in a while, I like to go out and just meet people in chat in a coffee shop. Because those interactions with people can speak to my story. For instance, I was in Exmouth, and I met a woman who told me a story of a baby that had been left in her store. And she ended up adopting and raising this baby. Wow, that story made it into my book.


Yeah, because it was such a good fit for my book this


you know, how to explore the sense of abandonment? And, yes, what what that means to a person? Yes, yeah. But just on that note, before you sort of talk about more practical things, you started your sort of explanation of how you got to where you got to buy exactly that you talked about those feelings of abandonment for you, and how that sort of impacted your life. And


clearly, you had the fire, and, you know, your life's changed a lot and so on. And you talked about, I can never say the word, poo poo Pono panem. Yeah. And is that what helped you to move through? Right, from that sort of h4 sort of issue in terms of the abandonment piece? I mean, obviously, a lot of it, I guess, will be tied up in concepts that you're writing about. But where did that come from? For you? Because it's quite new by the sound of it. In terms of Yeah, so well, hope on a Pono was very powerful in healing, the wounds of my marriage

#188 Angela Legh Interview

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Transcribed by 27:56

would have been related to that abandonment issue of childhood. So, yes, whoa, whoa, no, whoa, Pono Pono did play a role in healing from my childhood.


But when I was a child, I didn't.


There was no psychologist, there was no


even really discussion of the effect of all of that on a child. So, you know, like I say, I know, my parents did the best that they could, and they brought the family back together as quickly as they could.


But there is still




conclusion that a four year old comes to when that kind of thing happens. Yeah.




#188 Angela Legh Interview

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Transcribed by And how did you discover discover the pony? I still got that hope? Oh, no.


I did a lot of research on forgiveness when I


initially it was how do I heal? Because


one of the things that I have realized


is that


a lot of times we look at things outside of ourselves, and we we say that's gonna make us happy. So leaving my marriage, all the happy if I leave this toxic marriage, I'll be happy if I move across the ocean, and don't have wildfire to deal with. And all of that is true, and, at the same time,


true happiness.


comes from inside.


And so all these things we think will make us happy. Those are outside of us. We only find

#188 Angela Legh Interview

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Transcribed by that true, deep sense of happiness when we have self love.


So all of this was a journey for me to get to the point of self love. Uh huh.




Yeah. It's interesting that I've heard of that concept through another coach I just haven't been connected with for a long time, but I've never really known anything about it. So certainly something worth investigating, I think. Yeah. And there's, if so, I will send you how it's spelled.


You can practice? Yeah.


They're the thing that really convinced me was I read a story. Dr. Joe dispenza, I believe, writes this in a book of his, but I found it on the internet.


There was a psychologist named Len hue, who worked at a


it was


#188 Angela Legh Interview

Page 20 of 30

Transcribed by a hospital psychological hospital for deeply disturbed people


in Hawaii in 1984.


And he was hired.


The other psychologist started complaining about him because he stayed in his office, he never met with any of the clients. He stayed in his office with their files. And he did hope Oh, no Pono, eight hours a day for each of the Aussie clients.


So fast forward a year. And


when when Dr. Hugh was hired, the employees of the hospital walked around in fear. They walked with their back to the wall. The clients were in chains.


No one was left outside.


A year later, he had never even talked to any of the clients. A year later, they were beginning to heal. And they were the clients were unchained. And they were allowed outside for a little bit of time. And

#188 Angela Legh Interview

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Transcribed by 32:48

as the time so he worked for this hospital for three years, and he did whoa upon opodo eight hours a day for three years straight.


And by the end,


the hospital the enter the three years when he left, the hospital had no clients, they had all been released as healed.


That's a powerful story.


Huh, thank you for sharing that. You're welcome.


So moving on to talking about some sort of more practical things.


You were talking about sort of how your days go? What How do you? How do you do what you do? How do you use technology? Just do you just use a pen and paper? I definitely use technology. Oh, I google docs is very handy for me to


you know, I place my stories on Google Docs and then share with editors and publishers. It's our

#188 Angela Legh Interview

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Transcribed by 33:55

job, Dropbox is indispensable for me, because it helps me keep everything sorted. And having gone through a fire where I lost a computer and lost all the documents. Cloud Storage is indispensable.


The other tools that I use are


zoom quite often to do podcast Skype to do podcasts. And




I'm beginning to record meditations for people on and have them on my website. So


really simple recording voice recording apps. Hmm.


So most of my guests come on here and say that they use pen and paper I was expecting an author to say they did and you don't but I guess as you sort of having gone through


Due to fires, I guess even if you hadn't been drawn towards technology it starts to become.


#188 Angela Legh Interview

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Transcribed by That becomes part of the reason, as you've just said, Isn't that? Indeed, yeah. Having having lost because the first Bella buck started quite differently


when it was in its original version, and that was lost, and I had to start over again. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Hmm.


So what about sort of learning and improving yourself? You've clearly focused on that. Over certainly recent years, as we've talked a lot during the podcast, and how, how do you do that? How did you discover these things? How do you learn? Well, for me, I'm, I am a voracious learner.


I have


I have read so many books. And


Joe dispenza.


Oh, gosh, what is her Chris? I think it's Christina Norris.


I've, I'm delving into gene keys by Richard rude right now, which is kind of a way of contemplating your perspective on life.

#188 Angela Legh Interview

Page 24 of 30

Transcribed by 36:27



I have taken so many online classes, including public speaking by Erich Ed Meads.


Yeah, it's amazing, isn't it? How much is available? Now that wasn't before I was talking to somebody the other day and saying that she needed to check out the MOOCs, massive, open online courses? Oh, yeah. Yeah.


But you know, by the time you got things like that, and all the Udemy and Coursera, and all those sorts of places, and then the TED talks and so on, it's some. There's such a


a variety of things we can


ingest in order to learn and grow. Yes, yeah. Yeah. I mean, I think, you know, when I was younger, it was good on the library or by a tape




You know, I was a bookworm. And so you can find me in the library as Yes.

#188 Angela Legh Interview

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Transcribed by 37:31

So the last couple of questions that Firstly, what about those days where all goes horribly wrong? We've had a man, what how'd you deal with those? There have been so many.


I came home from So recently I was in the US, I did a author event and and then visited my family, and then came back home to the UK. And on the day I arrived, I got to my house. And I had no internet. And I was devastated. Because I was faced with two weeks of quarantine. Yes, no access to the outside world. And then, two days later, and by the way, I still don't have internet, I'm using my neighbor's Wi Fi to do this.




I do hope Vodafone gets this fix soon.


And then two days later, for some reason I lost cell access. And I thought, Wow, what's going on? Why am I being put into this place of zero communication?


and zero ability to entertain myself or you know, because I don't subscribe to TV I I read or I sometimes watch Netflix movies.


And I had to do with that was just go into curiosity. I wonder, is there a lesson in here for me? Well, I wonder is

#188 Angela Legh Interview

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Transcribed by 39:20

is is this about me becoming comfortable being sitting just with me in the house? And indeed it was. So I ended up being able to do that. And so


like it life with that whole thing about what's this for and what does it teach me? I guess that that really can make those difficult times? If not sort of better in the moment at least more worthwhile, I guess. Absolutely. Having that curious approach to it. Wow, where's lesson in this?


For me, yes, I can really shift the perspective out of victim I am the victim of Vodafone into Okay.


Yes, maybe this is happening for a reason. And maybe the reason is that I need to be able to sit with myself. Yes, yeah.


And what about those days where you get to live more and that's where I say that you get


a lot of the stuff that you don't want to go there my favorite day.


So I'm here in in the Cotswolds. A live more day would be a day where I spend five or six hours hiking, and I get to experience just the wide variety of sites that are available to those of us who can walk in this area. So going from farmland to forest, to cliffside to

#188 Angela Legh Interview

Page 27 of 30

Transcribed by 41:03

fields of sunflowers to fields of poppies to, you know, it's just, there's such a variety of beauty to be seen in this area.


Truly fills my soul.


But also, it can be the little things because not every day, can I do a five or six hour walk.


So the little things about


I'm currently you know, it's raining and there is a


plethora of leaves on the ground. That's for me putting on my rain boots, and just jumping into a rain puddle and watching it splash and laughing


or jumping into a pile of leaves and kicking them up and watching them flutter around those childish silly


steps away from adulthood. the seriousness of adulthood


#188 Angela Legh Interview

Page 28 of 30

Transcribed by is another way for me to truly feel like I'm living. Mm hmm.


you've painted a lovely picture there, although it was slightly changed by the scene out of Vicar of Dibley where she goes to jump in a puddle, and it turns out to be like a sinkhole, and


I do choose the rain puddles that are on concrete.


Wise, if you haven't seen it, you should google it Vicar of Dibley puddle. That's all you need to Google. And I will Google that. Thank you. And that is a lovely, unexpected picture to see.


Lovely. So it's been great interviewing you today. Angela. tell people how they can find out more about you and get in touch. Thank you my website, which is www dot Angela a NG la, Li, l e. g


has access to




the adult self help books, access to the Bella Santini Chronicles. It's got meditations, there's several free that people can download and then some of them that are paid. And also my blog. So the blog is completely free. Anyone interested in

#188 Angela Legh Interview

Page 29 of 30

Transcribed by 43:47

learning about a different perspective, adopting a different perspective that may serve them can access my blog.


Brilliant, thanks, Angela. Thanks for your time today. Thank you. And that Bella book is available on Amazon starting tomorrow. I'm so excited. I'll definitely be on there cuz but this will be coming out in December. So check it out.


Flee you

#188 Angela Legh Interview

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