Be Productive Today: Show #36 

Open deadlines. Not having the right tools to accomplish the job. Mismatched job and skill set. These are a few of the many challenges that can hinder your productivity. Aside from these, one of the common reasons for low levels of productivity is when you choose to delay the job that needs to get done.

Today, I talk about how you can be productive in your work as you learn and understand the relationship between procrastination, happiness, and productivity. I share some helpful ways to break the procrastination habit, how productivity leads to happiness in your life, and some easy and practical steps you can take to improve your productivity today.

This Week on the POWER to Live More Podcast:

  • Breaking the procrastination habit
  • The significance of understanding the reason behind your procrastination
  • Why accountability matters and a list of possible accountability partners
  • Examples of distractions and how to deal with them
  • How productivity leads to happiness in your life
  • Effects of productivity on your self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Financial freedom as a result of being more productive
  • A psychological trick that helps you accomplish more
  • Boosting your productivity through exercise and a healthy diet
  • Things that can cause a slip in productivity and how you can correct them
  • Stress management techniques to deal with the stress of having personal issues

Five Tips to Be More Productive Today:

  1. Give yourself a deadline.
  2. Get your body moving.
  3. Avoid multitasking.
  4. Set a timer for tasks.
  5. Write things down.

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