Evernote, what it is and how you can use it: Show #30

Evernote: Show #30


Evernote is a fantastic tool that many entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and business owners use to store their ideas, organise important information, or otherwise remain productive and active in their businesses.

There are many ways you can use Evernote in your personal and business life. Some use it to save inspirational pieces they find around the web or information that sparks an idea for a blog post. Others may use it to store snapshots and images of business receipts for safe keeping. Still others use it as a tool to store their ‘brain dump’ ideas so they can easily look through, sort, and decide which idea to tackle next.

Evernote is like an online filing cabinet – a way for me to leave little notes for myself and store them to be used later.

In today’s episode, I explain what Evernote is, the features and integrations it offers, and some of the many ways you can use it to increase your productivity to have the POWER to Live More.

This Week on the POWER to Live More Podcast:

  • What are notes, notebooks, and notebook stacks in Evernote?
  • The advantages of using Evernote in your personal and professional life.
  • How to use search tags.
  • Evernote Scannable integration app
  • Ways to Use Evernote:
  • Store handwritten notes
  • Store and record audio
  • Clip and store website information – like recipes
  • Save and store PDFs, slideshows, and images
  • Create checklists, to-do lists, and shopping lists
  • Set reminders for yourself
  • Project management – record resources, who’s involved, project costs, checklists, deadlines, and pictures
  • Collaborate with your team
  • Record keeping
  • Saving emails

Attention Small & Medium Size Business Owners

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