Hanieh Vidmar: Avoiding Burnout and Prioritising and Planning 

At the time of recording this podcast, Hanieh Vidmar was a TV presenter and speaker who also hosted events and designs workshops. She is now Founder, Clinician & Phlebotomist at WellnessOne, The Wellmacy® & The NHS.

With the goal of helping people overcome their fear of public speaking, Hanieh works with those who desire to gain or boost their confidence as they prepare to speak in front of an audience or a camera.
Hanieh joins me today to share the significance of planning and organising everything in advance to make the most out of your day.

She discusses the essence of keeping things simple and healthy, the importance of taking care of yourself by knowing which parts of your life to eliminate, and why she made significant changes in her life regarding her physical and inner health.

“Have plans in place should something go wrong, and execute it.” – Hanieh Vidmar

This Week on the POWER to Live More Podcast:

● When Hanieh realised she wanted to do public speaking
● What drives her to do what she does
● How she prioritises her tasks with a toddler around
● How she gets things done without overwhelming herself
● Which responsibilities she delegates and which ones she prefers to do herself
● How she spends her “Me Time” to care for herself
● What changed in her diet and how she selects her meals
● What she does to continue improving herself
● The turning point that led her to focus on caring for herself more
● The relationship between the invention of mobile phones and cases of anxiety
● Why a good day for her revolves around personal development

Hanieh’s Advice for Leaders:

● Prioritising tasks is all about knowing what’s important and what’s urgent.
● Use your Internet time doing something productive and vital.
● To make the people around you happy, you need to look after number one — that’s yourself.
● Even if something happens in ten years’ time, have a plan. Everything starts today.
● When burnout happens to you, wake up, smell the coffee, and change things.

Resources Mentioned:

● Diary
● Notes app
● Calendar app
● Facebook page
● Facebook live video
● Fiction books
● Self-development books
Entrepreneurial You Book by Dorie Clark
Reinventing You Book by Dorie Clark
Dorie Clark books
The Law of Attraction Book by Esther and Jerry Hicks
● Positive books

Connect with Hanieh Vidmar:

Hanieh Vidmar on Instagram
Hanieh Vidmar on Twitter
Hanieh Vidmar on Facebook

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