Jolyn Armstrong on Show #232: Overcoming the Pain of Trauma 

Jolyn Armstrong is the Founder of the FOTA Project and Grapevine Mindware. Working as a home-based business owner for many years, Jolyn found her world turned upside down in an instant when her son was arrested.

Discovering there was little support for families of the accused, she started the FOTA programme to help others that find themselves in the same situation.

Grapevine Mindware helps women to overcome the pain of trauma and get their lives back to where they want them to be.

Jolyn is passionate about helping empower people to live their best lives – regardless of the crisis or outside circumstances.

Today, Jolyn shares why she chose to work remotely and the life-changing event that inspired her coaching work.

She shares the definition of trauma and why many people carry it without realising its impact on their lives.

She reveals what helped her get through her traumatic experience and how it inspired her to help others.

She also shares how she typically works with her clients, what her working day looks like, and the tools she uses that support her digital nomad lifestyle.

“When things go horribly wrong in life, it doesn’t have to wreck everything, it doesn’t have to end everything, and we can actually choose what happens.”

Jolyn Armstrong

This week on The Power to Live More Podcast:

  • Why Jolyn started working remotely
  • The life-altering event that led Jolyn to become a trauma coach
  • The definition of trauma and how you may be traumatised without realising it
  • How Jolyn worked through her trauma and was inspired to help others cope
  • How Jolyn works with her clients
  • What a typical working day looks like for Jolyn and how she stays organised
  • The technology that Jolyn uses for her digital nomad lifestyle
  • How Jolyn uses outsourcing to grow her business
  • What Jolyn does to keep on top of the latest developments in the industry
  • How Jolyn copes with days when everything goes wrong
  • What living more looks like for Jolyn

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Jolyn Armstrong:

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