Karon Thackston on Show #126: Passive Income Hints and Tips 

Karon Thackston of the Marketing Words agency is the queen of empowering online entrepreneurs to entice, engage, and earn more through training.

An early adopter of the internet as a research and marketing tool, Karon understands the process of creating advertising strategies that produce great results. Creator of courses and webinars, author, and speaker, Karon loves to share her expertise with clients so they can boost their income.

Karon joins me today to discuss her journey from copywriter to passive income guru.

She shares her enthusiasm for teaching other entrepreneurs the tips and tricks of setting up passive income pathways and how they can level out gaps in your revenue. Karon also shares her advice on putting a team together when the time comes for your business to take on more staff.

“Your revenue is not dependent on how much time you have to spend.”

Karon Thackston

Today on the Power to Live More Podcast:

  • How the internet changed Karon’s fledgling business
  • How understanding the process of passive income helps you earn more money
  • How to get started with affiliate referrals
  • The benefits of YouTube as a marketing tool
  • Why blogging is still a great way to reach potential clients
  • Which tools and apps help her keep on top of her tasks
  • Why you should document all your processes
  • Why you shouldn’t micromanage your team
  • What she does to bounce back from a bad day

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Connect with Karon Thackston:

Connect, Share, Inspire

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Show notes provided (brilliantly, my words not theirs!) by Lidwell Writing Services, LLC

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