Lucy Standing on Show #93: Landing Your Dream Job 

Lucy Standing founded ViewVo and Vive.Work based on the premise that with the right guidance, anyone can find the job of their dreams.

Her leadership role in the Association for Business Psychology is a testament to her track record and passion in taking the standards of quality for the Business Psychology profession to new heights.

Her illustrious career – which spans over two decades of social entrepreneurship and volunteerism – allows her to be the kind of business psychologist who is perpetually engaged, energetic, and equipped to bring something new and exciting to the table. 

Lucy joins me today to share insights on how individuals can land their dream jobs and careers, from the perspective of a business psychologist with years of experience in handling both success and failure. 

She discusses concrete ways to improve recruitment for businesses, and why shadowing is a simple yet effective method of enhancing the hiring process.

She explains why she prefers pen-and-paper to digital tools when it comes to setting her schedule and making reminders for herself. She also dispenses solid and meaningful advice on how companies can find employees that are well-suited for them, and vice versa. 

“The misguided assumption by most organisations is that — they have the power to make a selection decision, they do — but they do not have the power to make an engagement decision. That power rests with the individual.”

Lucy Standing

This Week on The Power to Live More Podcast: 

  • What Lucy does for a living, and what drives her to pursue her present line of work. 
  • Her involvement with the Association for Business Psychology and how her role supports the mission of the organisation. 
  • Her take on the current state of recruitment in professional industries. 
  • Why she says she’s stubborn and “a bit stupid”—and why that’s actually a good thing. 
  • What the ViewVo service is all about and who would benefit the most from it. 
  • How a person’s different skills and competencies affect their careers and work performance—and the one thing that people tend to regularly overestimate. 
  • How the skills that you possess can be applied to your plans and goals. 
  • Lucy’s simple but powerful advice for people who want to change their careers. 
  • Why it’s important to ask questions to people who are already working your dream job. 
  • Why shadowing is the one significant change Lucy would recommend to implement in the recruitment process. 
  • Why she prefers using a physical diary instead of digital tools for taking down notes and reminders. 
  • How being a member of the ABP makes a major difference in her overall learning process. 
  • Why the dialogue process really helps, especially in acquiring new knowledge from people with more experience in a specific field. 
  • The right way of going about failure and why rejection from companies should not be taken personally. 
  • Lucy’s rather surprising definition of a day in which she gets to live more. 
  • Her advice to people who are reaching out to businesses and experts to shadow and learn from. 
  • The requirements for people who want to be involved with ViewVo. 

Resources Mentioned: 

Connect with Lucy Standing: 

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Top Tool to Consider
Here I recommend a tool that I use. Don’t be a slave to tools / bright shiny objects though, you don’t have to use them all!

Photos on iPhone

I subscribe to a magazine that provides learning and hints and tips about Apple devices and this week I was reading about the Photos app.

I take a lot of photos on my iPhone and sort of know what I’m doing with the app but the article pointed me at the ‘For You’ section that is one of the new options for the app and it’s so cool!

It selects photos by location, suggests photos you might want to be reminded of, eg this time last year, and it suggests images that you could edit in various ways. It also curated your photos by location or event to really enhance your experience. 

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