Mark Sephton: How to Create Positive Influence through Reflection and Intentionality 

Everything that Mark does in his work is all about influence – positive influence that could inspire change and growth in others. He intends to accomplish this by giving his best in the endeavours he has started.

Mark’s radio show, the books he has written, and his consulting business that is focused on mentoring entrepreneurs are some of the channels that allow him to influence others positively and on a bigger scale.

Today, Mark joins me to share why he believes the power of reflection is his greatest weapon, especially when things don’t go as planned; the significance of intentionality, and how the latter affects his personal life, family life, and professional life.

He also explains how you can deliver your vision by answering and reflecting on the questions that help you filter every opportunity and situation.

“You got to find people that really like what you have to offer and not worry too much about being something to everybody.” – Mark Sephton

This Week on the POWER to Live More Podcast:

  • The liberating mentality Mark believes in
  • What inspired him to do what he does
  • Why he prefers working face-to-face versus online
  • Why having a routine appeals so much to him
  • Describing “Mark Mondays” and “Sephton Sundays”
  • Importance of having a weekly soul sabbatical
  • Mark’s morning routine and office setup that helps him adjust mentally
  • How he helps his clients increase their levels of joy
  • Managing time versus managing energy
  • How to deliver your own vision

Mark’s Three Filters in Every Situation:

  1. Am I good at this?
  2. Does this excite me?
  3. Is this going to take me where I want to go?

Mark Sephton’s Advice When Overcoming Challenges:

  1. Make room for inevitable challenges.
  2. Ask yourself, “Am I going to die from this?” If not, learn from the challenge ahead.
  3. Your current circumstances are temporary – the same goes for success and failure.

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