Naketa Thigpen on Show #69: Giving Yourself Permission to Pause 

 July 31, 2018

By  Jo Dodds

Naketa Thigpen is the Founder and CEO of ThigPro Balance and Relationship Management Institute, a global personal development company on a mission to inspire, equip, and empower ambitious female professionals (and a few brave men) to thrive in life, love, and business.

She is the host of the Balance Boldly podcast and is highly regarded as the Number 1 Balance and Relationship Advisor in the world.

Naketa joins me today to discuss the importance of giving yourself permission to pause and shares the strategies she uses to find balance and peace while juggling a hectic schedule. She shares her definition of achieving a work-life balance and why your work-life balance is unique to you and your goals. She also shares the strategies and rituals she uses throughout her day that allow her to identify and overcome resistance points and ensure she is living more each day.

This Week on The Power to Live More Podcast:

  • How she helps her clients overcome burnout and break free from personal bindings that prevent them from achieving happiness in their life, love, and career.
  • Her definition of work-life balance.
  • How she overcame her own challenges to find her balance.
  • The importance of being honest with yourself.
  • The importance of setting boundaries – and sticking to them.
  • How she structures her weekly schedule to accomplish her personal and professional goals.
  • Why she shares her appointment schedule with her family.
  • Strategies she uses to manage her daily tasks.
  • The benefits of delegating tasks and developing a team to support you.
  • How to identify which tasks are critical which are important.
  • The importance of finding tools that work well for your business.
  • How she balances traveling and running her business while focusing on self-care.
  • The importance of exercise, eating healthy and getting enough sleep.
  • What it means to give yourself permission to pause and how it can help you rebalance your daily life.
  • How she identifies resistance points in her life and the strategies she uses to overcome them.
  • How forgiving herself and apologizing to others allows her to cope with days when things go wrong.
  • How brain dumping strategies can help you rediscover peace and happiness.
  • Her definition of living more.

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Jo Dodds

Creator of POWER to Live More CALM, a online membership resource for home based coaches and consultants to help them to be successful whilst getting to ‘live more’.

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