Paul Tokgozoglu on Show #94: Making the Digital Leap 

Paul Tokgozoglu realised early on that he simply wasn’t geared for a life-long career in the military or a 9-to-5 job.

However, instead of resigning himself to that fate, he decided to change his circumstances by venturing into digital marketing, despite believing that he possessed no marketable skills.

Now, he successfully runs Excelsior Industries, and Excelsior Industries, a company that specialises in effective business development services and solutions.

He is also the host of the Beyond Homo Sapien podcast, which presents insightful views on human evolution with topics on AI, blockchain, and virtual reality as well as spiritual awakening and holistic living.  

Paul Tokgozoglu joins me today to share his unconventional path towards digital marketing and how he started from knowing absolutely nothing to mastering the art of creating digital content with relative ease.

He explains the driving forces behind his separate business ventures and how they revolve around helping others develop a more positive view of the world around them. He also shares the practices he has adopted in order to become a successful digital marketer as well as the ways in which he keeps himself healthy and functioning at peak efficiency. 

“Whatever happens, whatever is going wrong in the external world, it’s impossible for it to be ‘bad’. Things might not go according to plan or some issue might come up, but whatever’s happening, it’s working out.”

Paul Tokgozoglu 

This Week on The Power to Live More Podcast: 

  • Paul’s journey into digital marketing — while still being in the U.S. Army. 
  • His major realisations about 9-to-5 jobs in general. 
  • How a man with “no marketable skills for the digital age” successfully entered the industry. 
  • His first foray into podcasting and how it snowballed into a digital-based career. 
  • The skills you can develop as a podcaster. 
  • The Beyond Homo Sapien podcast and how it takes new approaches to looking at science. 
  • How quantum theory and the law of attraction are related. 
  • The Hindu concept of “consciousness vibrating” and how it may be one way to explain reality. 
  • What Excelsior Industries offers in the way of business development. 
  • Paul’s ultimate goal in networking and building a core group of great people. 
  • His obsession with keeping his Google Chrome folders and bookmarks organised. 
  • “Just in time” information versus “just in case” information. 
  • Paul’s process and tools for creating updates for his digital channels. 
  • How doing his podcast daily actually made the task easier (as opposed to weekly updating). 
  • How he keeps himself physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy. 
  • The challenges of being a high-functioning individual on the autism spectrum. 

Resources Mentioned: 

Connect with Paul Tokgozoglu: 

Top Tool to Consider

Here I recommend a tool that I use. Don’t be a slave to tools / bright shiny objects though, you don’t have to use them all!


This is a tool that I’ve been using for a good while and seems to be getting more well known.

It’s a tool that enables you to connect up other services, platforms and apps that you use to automate various processes. 

Automation is part of my fundamental ‘Systemise’; enabling you to get more done with ease by letting the system take the strain!

To give you an example of how it can be used: when a guest for my podcast books in I have automation set up via Zapier so I appear professional, the guest gets what they need and the process to publish is kicked off efficiently.

Basically, the guest clicks on a link and books in for an interview via a calendar tool called Timetrade at which point Zapier then adds a meeting into my calendar, creates a GoToMeeting session for it and then drafts an email with those details and my standard questions that pops into my drafts ready for me to send to the guest to confirm.

It makes the process so smooth and much easier for me to administer. Before I had the automation set up I would procrastinate on asking people to join me on the show as it caused so much admin work, which was ridiculous!

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