Show #90 with Phil Wilson: Finding Your Own Beat 

Phil Wilson is a professional drummer, drum teacher, and the owner of Medway Drum Studio.

A motivational speaker, he turns ordinary events into an extraordinary experience as a facilitator for Inspirational Rhythms.

Phil has come a long way — from being a lifelong stammerer, he has spoken and performed at numerous venues across the UK and abroad. He was even part of the opening of the 2012 London Olympic Games and hopes to inspire others to transform themselves as well.

Phil joins me today to share his incredible journey to success. He discusses what drives him to pursue his two-pronged career in music and motivational speaking and reveals the key ingredient to succeeding in both.

He shares his memorable experiences as a public speaker and percussionist and the lessons that have stayed with him as a result. He also provides valuable insights on how he avoids being late for any show, stays in good health, and manages his time effectively, no matter how busy his schedule gets.

“Turn a negative experience into a positive goal, or a positive question.”

Phil Wilson

This Week on The Power to Live More Podcast:

  • The subtle differences between percussion instruments.
  • Phil’s recent project with Engage for Success.
  • A crucial decision that he recently made regarding his music teaching career.
  • What drives him to do what he does, and why love is an absolutely necessary ingredient for a successful music career.
  • His journey and experience as a motivational speaker, including as an Ambassador for Cancer Research UK.
  • How an unexpected invitation to a faraway country paved the way to the career of his dreams.
  • His disastrous first experience with speaking in public, and his long and powerful journey towards improvement.
  • How he overcame his stammer and fear of speaking in front of people.
  • The concept of “gig lag.”
  • Why you should never, ever “wing it” when it comes to public speaking.
  • How Phil prioritises work and why he never cancels a gig.
  • His typical day and how he has manages to never, ever, be late for a show.
  • The art and science of planning and how it keeps him healthy.
  • His “happy tin”.
  • An unexpected experience while performing that taught him a valuable and lasting lesson.
  • The similarities between public speaking and performing and how he learns from both.

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