Soti Coker on Show #107: Making Information Easier to Absorb 

Soti Coker is on a mission. Fueled by his passion for information, he seeks to help people learn how to use digital tools effectively in telling stories and creating uniquely memorable experiences.

To achieve this, he founded DataChronicle, an infographics and visual communication agency.

As the man in charge of strategy and marketing services, he helps clients create powerful visual content and marketing plans, and shares everything he knows about presenting data in a clear, compelling, and easy-to-understand manner. 

Soti joins me today to discuss the long and colorful history of infographics and how the field has changed in modern times. He discusses his responsibilities at DataChronicle and shares how he operates as a home-based entrepreneur.

He also shares how his compulsion for cleanliness has helped him to appreciate the beauty and value of data presentation, his insights on outsourcing, as well as his techniques in getting his work done on time.   

“People have been looking at infographics since the dawn of time.”

Soti Coker 

This Week on The Power to Live More Podcast: 

  • The work he does at DataChronicle. 
  • The history of infographics, and how they’ve evolved in the digital age. 
  • His constant urge to “clean things up”, and how that led him to his current career. 
  • His love for using information and creativity to tell easy-to-understand stories. 
  • His “regimented yet flexible” working setup at home. 
  • How he makes the mental switch between work and personal affairs through journalling. 
  • How he uses bullet journalling to make sure he gets work done. 
  • The tools and apps he uses. 
  • Outsourcing, and why people outsource. 
  • The classic mistake that people make when they outsource. 
  • How his back problems affected his active lifestyle – and how he solved it with stretching and meditation. 
  • His philosophies and attitudes towards work as a business owner. 
  • How he approaches days when things don’t go right. 

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