Stacy Brookman: Discovering Real Life Resilience Through Storytelling 

Everyone has a story to tell. When and how you tell your story determines whether you live your life thriving or barely surviving.

Living with her sociopath ex-husband for years, Stacy Brookman knows how it is to be in an abusive relationship and how to get back on her feet following the emotional devastation.

This experience, and learning how to overcome the emotional aftermath, inspired her to help others discover the power of healing themselves through telling their life story. She is a Resilience and Life Storytelling expert and the host of Real Life Resilience Podcast. Her mission is to help people, especially women, heal emotional trauma by writing their tough life stories.

Stacy joins me today to share how to pursue real life resilience through telling the story of your life as well as the benefits of writing about your life experiences. She discusses how the brain functions when you write about your life, especially the tough times you’ve been through, and how she discovered that writing is beneficial in healing. She also shares the different writing strategies you can use to help you become healthier as well as the steps she takes to get things done so she has the power to live more each day.

“Writing is a journey of self-discovery.” – Stacy Brookman”

This Week on the POWER to Live More Podcast:

  • What she does as a resilience and life storytelling expert
  • The condition of your brain if you are in or have just come out of a traumatic experience
  • What the Two-Minute Miracle is
  • Why she chose to do what she does
  • The online summit she is facilitating
  • Why she asks people to make lists of milestones, conflicts, and desires in their lives
  • How she discovered what her life theme was
  • The word that comes up a lot when she teaches people how to write
  • What her daily structure looks like
  • How to paint a picture of your life
  • Why you are encouraged to publish your writing
  • What a creative nonfiction is
  • What Morning Pages are and why she encourages people to write them
  • How to do free writing
  • The significance of having a thinking partner
  • How she takes care of herself
  • Why she deliberately blocks out time when planning her schedule
  • Why you need to forgive yourself when things don’t go as they should
  • Why spending time with family is her picture of a day when she gets to live more

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