Steven Mays on Show #97: Lessons in Leadership 

Steven Mays developed the Power of 3 paradigm as a guide for leaders, whether they’re just starting out or seeking ways to improve.

Steven possesses a strong background in electrical engineering, 30 years of professional experience in the nuclear power industry, and a family history of service in various government and non-government positions.

Through the years, Steven has learned key lessons in leadership, risk assessment, and regulatory application — lessons that he is eager to share with the rest of the world. 

Steven joins me today to discuss leadership, both in terms of its broader definition and its finer points. He shares his motivation for developing the Power of 3 leadership method while tackling the fundamental areas of leadership that his method covers.

He discusses and differentiates power from leadership, style from action, and love from despair, while illustrating how despair can cripple even the strongest leaders. He also shares his thoughts on the right ways a leader can inspire, share credit, take responsibility for blame, and bring out the best in his followers. 

“We have a dearth of good leadership in the world – and we suffer for it.”

Steven May

This Week on The Power to Live More Podcast: 

  • Steven’s background and the core of what he does. 
  • Why he decided to write his book, The Power of 3
  • Why he believes that leaders are made, not born. 
  • Why people grow up to be weak in fundamental areas of leadership. 
  • The aspects of leadership and followership that everyone possesses and must develop. 
  • The difference between arbitrary power and true influence and leadership. 
  • The concrete steps Steven is undertaking to help people become better leaders.
  • Why great leadership is less about style and more about action. 
  • The specifics of the Power of 3 leadership method. 
  • The three characteristics necessary for a leader to have a strong foundation — and which of those is the least important. 
  • The three categories of challenges a leader might face. 
  • Steven’s rather peculiar choice of an “excellent” leadership book. 
  • Why the “true” opposite emotion of love isn’t hate, but despair — and why it prevents people from becoming effective leaders. 
  • The two types of inspiration a leader can provide. 
  • How a leader should handle credit and blame. 
  • How Steven deals with a bad day. 
  • How the right leadership approach can make a tremendous difference in a person’s life. 

Resources Mentioned: 

Connect with Steven Mays: 

Connect, Share, Inspire 

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