Show #100: How Little Doddsy Finds the POWER to Live More 

Ellie Dodds is your typical 12-year-old…with the exception that she’s got her morning routine down to a science, and successfully balances her life as a student with all the fun stuff life has to offer a girl of her age.

She has been a partner and supporter of the Power to Live More podcast since its inception, 100 episodes ago—and will continue to be part of our journey for many, many more episodes to come.

Ellie joins me today on this very special episode to discuss how she keeps her life organised at such a young age. She shares her favourite technological tools, her typical daily schedule as a student, and her social media preferences. 

She explains her secret to staying healthy and getting to bed early and shares her strategies for dealing with awful days. She also shares an interesting anecdote about her recent first-time driving experience.

“I think I’ve got my wake-up routine down to ten minutes; most people do that in two hours.”

Ellie Dodds

This Week on The Power to Live More Podcast:

  • How Ellie usually spends her days.
  • How she organises her very, very, very busy schedule as a 12-year-old student.
  • Her preferred tech tools.
  • How she balances school work with everyday life.
  • Her secret to keeping herself healthy.
  • How she makes sure to do stuff to relax and keep herself happy.
  • How she deals with a really bad day.
  • What she does on days when she wants to “live more”.
  • Her recent driving experience.

Resources Mentioned:

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