How to Make Marketing in 2020 Easy and Effective 

Author: Mary R. Diaz

Marketing has definitely changed in the decades since the first magazine advertisement was printed. In today’s digital world, the tools and techniques have become more sophisticated than ever. Going through all the how-to’s of modern marketing can seem pretty daunting to small companies without the budget for dedicated marketing departments. That’s why we’ve put together this short list of simple yet effective techniques that can boost your marketing quality this 2020.

Boost Results with Direct Mail

Email marketing is one of the most tried and tested digital marketing techniques around. If you have a website, it’s likely that you’ve already put together your first email campaign. However, although it’s a foundational technique, simply relying on email might not get you the results you need. In cases like these, it’s often best to turn to other techniques to supplement and strengthen what you already have.

If you’re looking for ways to increase responses to your email marketing, you can take a look at direct mail marketing. Triadex Services describes a simple technique called Reverse Append, which allows you to match emails to physical addresses. By sending out direct mail pieces to these addresses, you can effectively bring back straying or unresponsive customers. 70% of Americans find physical mail more personal than email. A small investment in a direct mail campaign can often yield you better results than simply relying on email marketing.

Social media marketing isn’t just putting up a profile for your company and leaving it at that. It requires careful thought and execution in order to reap the benefits of the platform. However, even fledgling companies can learn how to maximize their social media use. Here’s an article on ‘Social Media Marketing Made Simple and in Less Time that goes over some techniques like keywords and calls to action that any company can use to elevate their social media marketing.

Maximise Social Media

It’s no secret that social media has become a foundational aspect of nearly every company’s marketing strategy. Customers are increasingly turning to social media for information about brands, products, promotions, and more. It’s an important tool for companies to cultivate brand awareness and recall, develop positive relationships with customers, and increase engagement.

Increase Engagement with Contests

For companies that are seeing a lacklustre return on their campaigns and want to boost performance across the board, a contest might be the perfect solution. Gamification has seen huge returns in terms of increasing engagement and reach. Statistics collected by Snipp report that 23% of people visit brands’ social media pages for the chance to compete in contests. Gamification motivates responses, turning passive viewers into active participants.

You can also easily adjust it to your scope: you can start out simple with small giveaways, or do massive invite-a-friend campaigns with big prizes. Either way, you’re sure to see huge returns in terms of hits, clicks, and responses.

Aim Big with Visuals

Finally, if you want a simple path to increasing returns on your campaigns and promotions, try going all out with your visuals. Visual promotional materials like images, infographics, and video are all surefire ways to help keep your market updated and interested. In fact, you actually lose out when you don’t use graphics. Some estimates say that posts with images can lead to as much as 650% more engagement than posts without.

If you’re worried that designing graphics or shooting video is going to take up too much of your team’s limited time, don’t be. In a survey conducted by Venngage of over 200 marketers, 28% reported that creating visual content took less than two hours out of their typical work weeks. Investing a little time in mapping out your content visually can yield you great returns in the long run.

Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay

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