22 Ways to Simplify your Life and Live Consciously in the Present Moment 

Being able to adapt and live more consciously in the present moment is a precious gift. It allows you to appreciate your business, work, family, friends, health and other aspects of life.

In this guest post, Wendy shows you how.

A conscious more ‘present moment’ mindset will not only simplify your life, it can help you manage stress, worry and anxiety much more effectively.

When you achieve a conscious mindset you will learn to appreciate each second and be able to live more abundantly.

Try these strategies to practise living in the moment consciously:

Live Consciously in the Present Moment

  1. Consciously manage your technology rather than technology managing you. Disconnect from technology, put away your phone and stop checking emails for a portion of each day (I do mine at the end of the day). These distractions prevent you from focusing on what is going on around you.
  2. Consciously connect with nature – stop, step back and reconnect with the beauty of nature and the peaceful feelings it can bring.
  3. Find a quiet space and spend some time alone where others can’t grab your attention and use up your energy.
  4. Consciously manage your thoughts, tell your mind to calm down. Distracting thoughts about dinner, work, or your hair can interfere with your ability to live in the here and now.
  5. Create a daily ritual and focus on a single item near you. Focus on a single flower or leaf. If you’re indoors, you can focus on a single coffee cup or pencil. Pay attention to one object and connect with deep appreciation and abundance and live in the moment.
  6. Consciously reflect on the love in your life. If you’re struggling to stop your mind from racing, then try concentrating on a single positive feeling, such as the love all around you.
  7. Consciously take time out to focus on your breath throughout the day. Focusing on your breath for just a few minutes will help calm both your body and your mind.
  8. Consciously take steps to avoid overly thinking about the past. Thinking about the past most definitely affects your ability to live in the present. And it can distort what you are experiencing in the here and now.
  9. Consciously take steps to avoid overly thinking about the future. If you’re thinking about what might happen, then you’re not enjoying what’s happening now, leading to stress, worry and overwhelm.
  10. Consciously manage and avoid negative emotions. If you feel frustrated or angry, it becomes more difficult to appreciate each moment.
  11. Try short, guided meditations. Meditating will help you connect to self and be more present while focusing on present and positive thoughts. Here are some of my favourites – Guided Meditation for Deep Relaxation
  12. Avoid making quick judgements in the present moment. This will trigger negative, thoughts, emotions, and patterns of unconscious behaviour.
  13. Avoid worrying. This will lead to stress and an increase in anxiety which takes you further away from living more consciously, in the here and now.
  14. Avoid living on autopilot. Instead pay attention to your surroundings, thoughts, and feelings. An easy way to do this is by using journalling to self-coach.
  15. Notice at least one new thing around you. By noticing small changes, you can develop a stronger ‘present moment’ mindset and live more abundantly.
  16. Focus on the light and shadows. They’re easy to find in most situations, and can help you live in the moment and make better decisions.
  17. Use your senses to ground yourself. Close your eyes and focus on smell. Touch a single object near you. Savour the taste of one tiny piece of food.
  18. Make sure your glass is always over half full. Develop your optimism. An optimistic personality is more likely to live consciously in the moment.
  19. Open up your heart and receive a deeper love and connection in the world. This includes your friends, family, coworkers, and others.
  20. Avoid judging others. It’s important not to judge others because it can lead to more negativity and attract more of the same.
  21. Focus on your ‘present moment’ mindset for at least five minutes each day. By setting aside a few minutes each day, you will begin to notice your surroundings and learn to appreciate them.
  22. Slow down, disconnect from the hectic world, go inside your mind, and explore the pleasure from a single moment.

Author: Wendy Kier is a sought after business and personal performance coach. She mentors IMPACT driven female solopreneurs and leaders, who are “getting in their own way”, playing it safe, working incredibly hard but not making the impact, income or progress they desire in business or life.

She guides them to confidently get out of their own way, embrace their vulnerability and personal power to lead unapologetically as a high-value leader, while increasing their impact, authority and income.

Get a FREE Copy of her Book: Conscious Coaching, #BeMoreWolf, GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY, Empowering women to THRIVE in all circumstances, own their divine feminine essence, vulnerability and personal power, value, strength and lead unapologetically.

Email: wendy@consciouscoachingandmentoring.com
Website: www.consciouscoachingandmentoring.com

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