Self-Assessment: How Optimised is Your Brain? 

Answer the following questions to determine how well you care for your brain health and where you can start making improvements.

1.  How long do you normally sleep each night?

  • I’m a chronic insomniac
  • Less than 5 hours
  • 5-7 hours
  • 7+ hours

2.  How many times a week do you eat healthy fruits and vegetables?

  • Never
  • 1-3 times
  • 3-5 times
  • Everyday

3.  How stressful is your life and/or job?

  • I’m a bundle of nerves all day long
  • I only feel stress at work
  • I love my job but my personal life is stressful
  • I rarely feel stress and love my life

4.  How often do you exercise?

  • Never
  • 2-4 times a week
  • 5+ times
  • Every day

5.  Do you suffer from “brain fog” or inability to concentrate?

  • Never
  • Sometimes
  • Almost everyday
  • Yes and it’s a real problem

6.  How often are you “plugged in” to electronics or watching television?

  • Never
  • Only for work
  • Everyday
  • For hours on end, every single day

7.  How much sunlight do you get in a day?

  • Hardly any
  • Some on my way to work
  • Only on weekends
  • Every day because I live in a warm, sunny climate OR work outdoors

8.  Do you have an evening “de-stressing” routine?

  • Never head of that
  • No because I never made the time to create a routine
  • Yes but I don’t follow it every day
  • Yes and I wouldn’t know what to do without it

9.  Do you have a support circle of close friends or family members?

  • No, I’m an introvert
  • No but I’d like to make new friends
  • Yes but we rarely see each other because we’re so busy
  • Yes and we go out to dinner once a month

10. Do you purposefully do puzzles or play games that stimulate your brain?

  • No
  • Only with my kids or grandkids
  • Yes but not often enough
  • Yes, every day

Now that you’ve answered each question honestly, go back through your answers and write down how you can improve them. There aren’t any point values involved and no one will come check on whether you’ve made changes; but improving each of these answers toward the positive answers will greatly help your brain stay healthy as you age. If you’ve already answered positively to these questions, then keep doing what you’re doing because you’re on the right path!

Photo by Milad Fakurian on Unsplash

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