Self-Assessment: Are You Ready to Embrace Minimalism in Your Life & in Business? 

Answer the following questions to determine if you’re ready to make the jump to minimalism.

1. Do you stress about paying your monthly bills?

  • No, I have enough money each month to cover my bills.
  • Sometimes, because my income is sporadic.
  • Yes, I am over my head in debt.
  • 2. Do you feel pressure to get the latest and greatest electronics or business products?

  • No, I’m content with what I have.
  • Sometimes I’m tempted because my friends are buying those things.
  • Yes! I need to show everyone I’m current with the trends.
  • 3. Does your spouse, partner, or child(ren) pester you for the latest and greatest electronics, cars, or toys?

  • No, we appreciate what we have and spend wisely.
  • Sometimes, because new things are always fun.
  • Yes, we love to spoil ourselves.
  • 4. Do you have clothes, books, toys, or other items stored in your house that you (or your family) never use?

    • No, we use or wear everything we have.
    • Sometimes because we rotate seasons of clothes or boxes of toys.
    • Yes, but it’s helpful to know we have it if we ever need it in the future.

    5. Is your computer cluttered with business documents, trainings or eBooks that you have forgotten about?

    • No, I have an organised system in place and have used everything.
    • Sometimes; I have a few folders whose items need to be sorted.
    • Yes, but I might need them some day.

    6. Do you have filled boxes with unused or forgotten items that you can donate to someone in need?

    • No, I’ve already done that.
    • Maybe…I never thought of donating these things before.
    • Yes! It may be time to lighten the load.

    7. Does your business run efficiently? Think of all your daily, monthly, or quarterly processes.

    • Yes, really well, it all runs smoothly
    • Some of it is good and some needs some improvement
    • No, badly, it's all really disorganised and time consuming

    8. Have you considered outsourcing any of your business or lifestyle tasks that drain your energy?

    • No, it’s just an added cost.
    • Sometimes but then I wake up from the dream.
    • Yes, I can’t wait!

    9. Did you know that living a minimalist lifestyle and minimising your business can cause less stress?

    • Seriously?? Hard to believe.
    • If you say so…
    • Yes! I need to get started ASAP.

    10. Are you willing to map out a plan for minimising your life and your business?

    • No, I like my stuff.
    • Maybe next week…
    • Yes! I’m ready to rent a skip!

    Now that you’ve answered each question honestly, go back through your answers and jot down ways you can minimise your life and business today.  You don’t need to make big, sweeping changes; start small and tackle a tiny corner of your office or the cupboard in your bathroom.

    This blog post might inspire you! 

    10 Ways to Practise Minimalism in Your Business

    Photo by Thanos Pal on Unsplash

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