Read to Stay Motivated to Make the Changes you Want to See 

I’ve already talked on this blog about how much reading I do. Much of it involves self development blogs, articles and books as well as business books, other non-fiction and fiction. One of the reasons that I read so much (and listen to podcasts too) is to help me to work on things about me and my life that I want to change. It really helps to keep me focused, and being a ‘why?’ person it often helps me to stick at changing habits and activities by helping me to develop the underlying reason for doing something.

How can reading about something keep you motivated to change?

There are a few ways I think that reading and learning can help you to keep motivated to make the changes that you want to make.

Reading about other people in similar situations and how they have dealt things that they’ve had come up can be very motivational and may provide some ideas, hints and tips that might help you to do something similar. This is one of the reasons that I will be starting my podcast very soon, interviewing people like you who have useful stuff to share to help you think about your ‘POWER’ and how you can use it.

So, you can find inspiration, ideas, thoughts, strategies that other people have used and experienced to help you to look at what you’re doing and take action, and to keep on taking that action.

Reading Books About Nutrition Has Motivated Me to Eat More Healthily

An example for me is how I’ve changed the way that I eat. I’ve read many books and listened to podcasts about paleo diets, food research, gluten free, sugar free, organic eating and so on. They have equipped me to make changes in how we eat as a family and definitely motivate me to continue to do that.

The information out there is changing all the time and we continue to be flexible to that, which is fairly easy to do with regular reading around the subject. And it definitely keeps me motivated because I know why I’m eating as I do and what the effects are and what they could be if I wasn’t keeping to my healthy eating.

If you want to eat healthily, read about how others do that, what the latest research says, what recipes people follow, what results they get; if you want to exercise regularly, read about how others exercise, how often they do it, why they do the exercises they do; if you want to have a successful business, read about people who have a successful business as well as those who have gone through a business failure – you can often learn more from that than from those that succeed!

Reading about other people’s experiences can help you to adapt your own strategies, try some of their solutions and may help to lighten the task ahead of you!

What Can You be Reading?

Quotes – Find a source of quotes that inspire you that you can dip in to and read regularly. Maybe use them as a screensaver or wallpaper on your device and/or put them on your wall. They can help you to keep moving forwards towards your goals or to maintain the habits that you are developing.

Read Inspiring Books – reading inspirational books can be so motivational, so build a library of books that you can read and refer to. You won’t be surprised to hear that I tend to do this now on my Kindle, as much as anything else because I can read my Kindle books on my phone and tablet too, so I’ve always got my books with me.

Audible is a good option if you don’t like reading or don’t have time to read but can fit listening into your schedule. I listen to podcasts and audiobooks when I’m walking, whether that be to the shops, in the countryside or between meetings in London and when I’m driving. Many cars allow you to connect your phone audio player by bluetooth and we have an audio cable that plugs into the car and my phone.

The other top tip I have for reading business books is to sign up with Blinkist, which is a site where they very carefully precis books for you so that you can read the main points in 10-15 minutes. I listened to an interview with the founder of the organisation a year or two ago and was really impressed to hear how many levels of editing each book goes through before it appears on the site.

Read inspiring stories / articles – seek out articles and blog posts that inspire you and help you to feel motivated. There is such an abundance of information on the internet that you can find out almost anything you want. Read about the process I use to find and read interesting content so you never run out of things to read.

All in all reading regularly around the topic of whatever it is you want to change or do more or less of can really help you to stay motivated in your quest. Clearly this takes time and you need to think about how you can build regular reading into your daily routine. I do most of mine in the mornings as, other than books on my Kindle, the content is mostly on my iPhone and iPad, which I don’t want to read immediately before going to sleep (that’s another blog topic!).

I read a lot on train journeys and sometimes whilst eating my lunch or doing other more mundane activities like drying my hair, and of course there’s always the bath (though I only subject my Kindle to that, never my phone!).

How do you get your reading done? What do you like to read to keep you motivated?

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