Stuck on a Problem? Get Up and Walk Away 

There is nothing more frustrating than getting stuck. It doesn’t matter if it’s a work problem, a relationship issue, or if your latest home-improvement project isn’t working out the way you expected it to. When you hit a dead-end, or when the going gets tough, it’s easy to get frustrated.

We each react a little differently when we hit one of those stumbling blocks. Some of us buckle down, dig in, and forge ahead until we work ourselves out of the problem. Some of us will retreat and hide under a blanket. Or even worse, we give up and throw in the towel. None of those reactions are that helpful. 

Walk Away For a While

Instead, one of the best strategies for getting unstuck is to get up and walk away for a little while. Go have a snack. Or even better, get outside and go for an actual walk. Clear your head. If you need to, get a good night of sleep.

Then come back and look at the ‘problem’ with fresh eyes. More often than not, the solution will become obvious.

Even if it doesn’t jump at you right away, you come back with some fresh ideas, or at the very least, a thought on who can help you solve the issue. Or maybe you discover that this is something you shouldn’t be trying to work out in the first place. 

This fresh perspective is priceless, and you only get it by slowing down and making the time to walk away.

Give Yourself the Space You Need

It’s yet another case where slowing down and allowing your mind to consciously and subconsciously work on the problem pays off. Don’t let looming deadlines or the pressure of having to look busy push you to continue working when you’re stuck. Give yourself the space you need. 

We are so focused on our conscious thoughts that we forget about how hard our subconscious works for us. We are only aware of a fraction of the work the brain does in any given 24-hour period.

Tap into that by slowing down and giving your mind the time and space to work your problems out for you.

Once you start, you’ll be sold on the idea of slowing down, and more importantly, making the time to walk away and take a break when you need to. You’ll be faster at solving the problem and finishing the project in the long run.

Photo by GRÆS Magazine on Unsplash

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