Use Slow Thinking to Review 

Slow thinking is a great mental space to be in to review or really look at your current life.

It’s a good idea to frequently examine all the different areas that make up your life – like your job, your business, your hobbies, your family, and your relationships. What’s working and what isn’t? Are you as happy as you’d like to be? If you don’t take the time to reflect and imagine what could be, you won’t change and grow.

Set aside some time this week to examine the different areas of your life and really think about what you want in the long run. 

Think About Your Business 

Let’s start by discussing what you do for a living. You spend a good chunk of our waking hours doing something to pay the bills. Is it what you want to do? Do you enjoy it? We are the CEO of our own career and need to take an active role in finding the best options and negotiating the best deals.

Or maybe you’re supplementing your income with a side hustle. Nothing wrong with that, but I’m sure it could benefit from some slow thinking. Or maybe you’re trying to replace your day job with your business income. Good for you. Keep at it and make sure you’re on the right track by making the time to think strategy and set some goals for the near and far future. 

Think About Your Personal Life 

Lastly, take some time to review the various aspects of your personal life. What’s working and what isn’t? What relationships do you want to invest more time in, which would you be better off letting go? Think about the people closest to you. What can you do to become a better friend, spouse, or parent?

We all have room for improvement here. Taking the time to think about these things will make you a better person and hopefully a happier one as well. 

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

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