Cathy Brown: Cooking, Walking, Zombies and Morris Dancing 

Cooking, Walking, Zombies and Morris Dancing with Cathy Brown, former Exec Director of Engage for Success

Listen to the Show Below and Here’s What We Recommended:


  • Fitbit – for exercise encouragement and an element of, maybe not competition, but interest at least in others to keep it going
  • Couch to 5K – to get you running in a gradual, incremental way (and don’t forget the zombies!)



Routines and Rituals

  • Cooking to relax
  • Walking with her partner to relax and debrief on the day as well as to get some exercise outdoors
  • Listening to podcasts
  • Reading to learn, explore and satisfy curiosity
  • Listening to live music and perhaps playing and dancing too!
  • Not being late

Extra Stuff

  • 3 Rs of routines, rules and rituals – and not forgetting Cathy’s extra R of being a Rebel!
  • Cathy and her partner seeing their complicated family eating arrangements of two vegetarians, one gluten free and one who doesn’t eat any vegetables whatsoever, as an opportunity rather than an obstruction

Tweet: “I absolutely loved the premise of it, which was a running app that was around a Zombie Apocalypse” @cathyab

Tweet: There are the three Rs: routines, rules and rituals. Then there’s another R, which is me

Tweet: Google Calendar is absolutely my saving thing. The discipline there is making sure you put everything in


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