Dave Ruel: Done By Noon: Optimising Your Business for a Better Life 

Dave Ruel is a serial entrepreneur, the author of Done by Noon, and a motivational speaker who focuses on helping entrepreneurs prioritise and optimise their time to achieve a more harmonious work-life balance.

He was a competitive bodybuilder for years before being introduced to the world of online business and marketing. In 2009 he began his first online business marrying his love of fitness with his interest in outreach and marketing.

Over the years, he founded and grew several multi-million dollar companies. His work in the online business world allowed him to see just how overworked and unbalanced the average entrepreneur was and inspired him to start his company, Effic. Effic strives to offer an alternative to the overworked and overwhelmed entrepreneur by teaching optimisation and process strategies for a more harmonious life.

On today’s show, Dave and I discuss how he got started as an entrepreneur and how his passion for fitness inspired his transition into business.

Dave offers insight into avoiding the “overworked entrepreneur” trope and how to have a successful business and a satisfying personal life. He breaks down the process for organising and prioritising your time, and he describes the actions he takes each day to ensure his personal and professional lives stay balanced.

We also discuss the three types of freedoms every entrepreneur strives for and how optimising your processes can give you the POWER to live more.

“It’s how well you can integrate your business with your life, or your life with your business, that you find real fulfillment as an entrepreneur.”

Dave Ruel

This week on The Power to Live More Podcast:

  • How Dave taught himself to be an entrepreneur
  • The structure and tools that entrepreneurs need to be successful
  • Why doing more is often less effective
  • The three freedoms that all entrepreneurs strive for
  • Why you should organise your time based on your life and how you want to live
  • How optimising your processes can be the key to work-life harmony
  • Why self-awareness is so important for productivity and planning your work
  • The four types of entrepreneurial tasks and how to prioritise them
  • How Dave practises self-care for his mind and body

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