Dayne Shuda on Show #96: The Spirit of Ghost Blogging 

Dayne Shuda may have established Ghost Blog Writers, but there’s nothing spooky or paranormal about what he does. Since 2010, he has provided quality blogging services to businesses and entrepreneurs across all industries.

Despite his hectic schedule, he still finds time for the things he cherishes: enriching his mind with books, exploring the great outdoors, his regular golf games, and most importantly, his lovely family. 

Dayne joins me today to discuss how his foray into blogging went from being just a hobby to becoming a full-on professional agency.

He shares the process that he and his team use to ensure efficient collaboration, despite their geographical distance. He shares how he got into writing in the first place and how pursuing blogging as a full-time career completely transformed his feelings and outlook regarding the craft.

He also explains his approach to getting over the day-to-day challenges and obstacles in running his business and why it’s important to recognise the good and anticipate the bad as a business owner. 

“If you have a job opening, just ask your current network, your current employees, if they recommend anyone. It doesn’t guarantee a good fit, but it does seem to take a lot of the work out of vetting someone.”

Dayne Shuda

This Week on The Power to Live More Podcast: 

  • How Dayne’s initial foray into blogging as a hobby led to a full-time business. 
  • How his business grew from a small freelance engagement to a blogging agency with writers across the world. 
  • A breakdown of the process that they follow in writing blogs for their clients. 
  • The one search feature Dayne would like to see on Google in the future. 
  • How he has made working from home a viable working arrangement for him since 2012. 
  • What he definitely doesn’t miss about working in an office, especially during the winter. 
  • What drives him to continue operating his blogging business. 
  • How his perspective on writing changed because of blogging. 
  • A typical day in Dayne’s life. 
  • His priority list and how it guides both his day-to-day activities and his year-long plans. 
  • How the flexibility of his work has proven to be crucial in balancing his work life and family life. 
  • His experience in working with remote editors and writers. 
  • His new focus: podcasting. 
  • How he transitioned from operating on his own to working with a team. 
  • His preferred apps for productivity and collaboration. 
  • How reading and writing blogs increased his knowledge about a diverse range of topics. 
  • His daily morning routine and how he incorporates podcast listening into it.
  • His outlook on solving problems and why it’s part and parcel of being a business owner. 
  • The importance of giving positive feedback to your team. 
  • Why you need to acknowledge the good in everything that comes your way. 

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Connect with Dayne Shuda: 

Top Tool to Consider

Here I recommend a tool that I use. Don’t be a slave to tools / bright shiny objects though, you don’t have to use them all!

As readers of my newsletter know, I’ve been doing some travelling this week and it reminded me of an app that’s really useful in those cases. 

On iOS it’s the Apple Wallet and on Android it’s called Passbook Wallet 

When I fly I check in online and then save the resulting boarding pass to my Wallet so all I have to do is scan my phone when going through departures. It’s really convenient especially when flying with hand luggage only.  

I use the wallet on my iPhone when I book tickets with Cineworld too. It works for online tickets too. Very convenient. 

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Show notes provided (brilliantly, my words not theirs!) by Lidwell Writing Services, LLC

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