Dr Nima Rahmany: Recapturing Health and Becoming Powerfully Aligned 

Dr. Nima Rahmany, DC, CCWP, is a chiropractor, educator, and coach with a passion for helping people discover the root cause of their pain.

By assisting people in overcoming their emotional challenges, he helps his clients transform their lives, both in their corporate and personal lives.

After a successful career as a chiropractor, Dr. Nima sold his practice and took a new path in coaching people in his healing system and methodology to recapture their health, heal trauma and become their most powerful and intimately-aligned self.

In today’s episode, Dr. Nima joins me to discuss how the patient’s progress in his chiropractic practice made him realise the emotional connection to the physical body.

He shares his journey from a successful chiropractor to a coach and creator of the Overview Experience and Becoming Trigger-Proof Workshop.

We explore the connections between our emotional wellbeing and physical health and how social media spotlights the importance of mental wellbeing.

Dr. Nima shares the lessons he is learning as a new father and how it helps his work with clients. He also shares how the pandemic and our reactions affect us and our families and what you can do to deal with tough days and create more fulfilling life experiences.

“Give yourself full permission to feel like a failure because your unwillingness to feel like a failure is stopping you from living more. It’s stopping you from reaching and going out there and choosing your own adventure.”

Dr. Nima Rahmany

This week on The Power to Live More Podcast:

  • How Dr. Nima discovered the connection between emotional wounds and the physical body
  • What made Dr. Nima move away from his practice as a chiropractor to create his Overview Experience methodology and Becoming Trigger-Proof Workshop
  • How he recognised his own personal wounds from physical symptoms
  • Common misconceptions about where physical symptoms come from
  • How social media is helping people realise the connection between emotional wellbeing and physical health
  • The first steps Dr. Nima took to help patients explore the root cause of their physical pain
  • How the Overview Experience method programme evolved over time
  • How becoming a father has added a deeper purpose to the work that Dr. Nima does with his clients
  • Why the pandemic has brought mental health more into the picture and how it can still go further
  • How our actions and reactions to the current crisis affect our children and family dynamic
  • The inspiration behind the Trigger-Proof Workshop
  • Why being able to handle your triggers will help you in every aspect of your life
  • The first steps you can take to help you control your reactions to triggers
  • How Dr. Nima deals with days when everything goes wrong 
  • How you can create days where you live more
  • The “horizon effect” and how you can avoid it

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Dr. Nima Rahmany:

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