Ed Rich on Show #127: Prioritising Productivity and Wellness 

Ed Rich is the founder of a new community for business coaches and consultants and host of The Growth Hacking Show.

He is also the co-founder of Booksmind, an agency for influencers and business coaches interested in digital marketing, traffic, funnels, and automation systems, and has previously hosted two online summits on video blogging and blockchain.

His specialty is growth hacking, and he is passionate about helping his clients disrupt their market and come out on top.

Ed joins me to discuss his strategies for being productive in his work and staying task-focused. He shares the reasons behind building his ‘brain backup’ and how you can use his tools to take and maintain control of your workload, both personally and professionally.

He shares what his typical day looks like and the continuous process of trial and error and experimentation that allows him to be consistent in his habits. 

“Health and fitness have to be in the top three list of your priorities at any given time”

Ed Rich

Today on the Power to Live More Podcast:

  • Ed’s journey from working for a non-profit organisation to becoming an entrepreneur
  • Why he is attracted to the creative and how that has helped in digital marketing
  • How to combine strands of knowledge and have the edge over the competition
  • The importance of having a timetable
  • How he researched his system and why it works for him
  • Why he is continually experimenting and refining his process
  • His top productivity apps
  • Why he is creating a new community for entrepreneurs in growth hacking and what it will look like

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