Managing Your Emails to Avoid Email Overwhelm: Show #28

Managing Your Emails to Avoid Overwhelm: Show #28

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed when you open your email inbox? Whether it’s your personal email or business account, it can be easy to begin feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of email you receive every single day!

Email has helped businesses grow much faster today than in the pre-internet days. It has helped keep people connected – for work and play – in a much easier way. It has even helped improve productivity for businesses, but if you’re not managing your email properly, it can quickly begin to feel more like a ‘time-suck’ than a productivity and communications tool.

Today, I want to share with you some of the tips, strategies, and tools that I use every day to help me manage my email and get more done so I can live more.

Inbox Zero Strategy to Help You Live More:

  1. Consolidate all your emails into one.
  2. Use rules, filters, folders, and labels.
  3. Read and respond to emails that require your immediate response. Sort the rest.
  4. Check email at specific times of the day.
  5. Be free with the delete key and forward reference materials to an external programme (like Evernote!)
  6. Create templates for frequently asked questions – or create a FAQs page on your website.
  7. Keep your responses short and sweet.

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