Jackie Fletcher on Show #209 : Living Fabulously Keto 

Jackie Fletcher has had a variety of careers over the past several decades. After school, she went into the hotel and catering industry before moving into property management, which she did for ten years.

When her father became ill, she decided to leave it behind and go into the family business. However, in 2017, after her father’s death, the family decided to sell the business. She has since become a certified hypnotherapist and the Chapter Chair for the Women’s Presidents’ Organisation, but her true passion lies with her company, Fabulously Keto.

After discovering the keto lifestyle in 2017, Jackie experienced a total shift in her perception of health and fitness. Through keto, she achieved weight loss and found that many of her other health issues abated. She now shares her knowledge of the ketogenic lifestyle and encourages others to forget traditional dieting in favour of making choices that feel right for their body.

Today Jackie and I discuss her journey from crash diets to living “fabulously keto” and how her life has changed since she embraced the ketogenic lifestyle.

She dives into some of the misconceptions about achieving weight loss and why she thinks diets set us up to fail.

She shares why she thinks everyone’s journey to health and fitness is unique and how that influences her approach to her clients.

Jackie shares what it’s like to live in a house with others who don’t share the same lifestyle and how she and her husband have made it work over the past four years.

Jackie also shares many resources for both personal and professional development and how a ketogenic diet can positively affect many metabolic diseases.

“The challenge with keto is that the old paradigm of ‘eat less, move more’ has to go. ‘Fat is bad for you’ has to go.”

Jackie Fletcher

This week on The Power to Live More Podcast:

  • Debunking misconceptions about fat in diets and relearning what our bodies really need 
  • Her tools and resources for staying on track both personally and professionally
  • Jackie’s journey to keto and how it has changed her life 
  • What she does for her health and self-care outside of keto
  • Why diets should be tailored to an individual and how to avoid common diet pitfalls
  • Jackie’s approach to helping her clients learn what they want to achieve and how to accomplish it
  • How keto can positively affect many metabolic diseases
  • The power of fasting

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Jackie Fletcher:

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