Karin Volo on Show #204: Joy, Inspiration and Evolution 

Karin Volo is a Speaker, Advisor, Chief Joy Bringer, and CEO of Evoloshen, an organisation that focuses on cultural transformation through building trust, employee engagement, and purpose in companies.

Her team works with business owners to maximise each organisation and its people through working with culture. She is based in Stockholm and has over 20 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

She has a passion for cultural development, leadership mentoring and is a Certified C-IQ Coach. Karin is a recognised global leader and employee engagement expert and has been recently named in the Top 30 HR Influencers and the 15 Most Influential Women in HR. 

In today’s episode, Karin shares her incredible journey and the inspiration behind the Evoloshen Academy’s creation.

She reveals how a huge life crisis bolstered her ability to find hope in any situation and remain in a positive frame of mind.

She shares how she works with clients to bring joy to the workplace and how things have changed due to the pandemic. She shares how she balances her work and personal life, stays organised, and decides which parts of the business to outsource. 

Karin reveals tips on delegating and what she does to manage her health and wellbeing each day. She also highlights how business owners are evolving due to the pandemic and what she is most looking forward to in 2021.

“You really need to look at what are your strengths and what should you be spending your time on, and the rest should be delegated out.”

Karin Volo

This week on The Power to Live More Podcast:

  • The journey Karin has been on that led her to create the Evoloshen Academy
  • How Karin was able to foster her positive frame of mind and find hope during a massive life crisis
  • How Karin works with her clients and the effect the pandemic had on her working methods 
  • What Karin does to balance her work and personal life
  • How Karin manages her tasks daily
  • Who Karin works with and how she chooses which elements of her business to outsource
  • Tips for delegating
  • How Karin maintains her health and wellbeing
  • What Karin does to manage ongoing learning
  • How many business owners are learning to innovate and evolve due to the pandemic
  • What Karin is looking forward to in 2021
  • What Karin loves to do to make her days more fulfilling

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