Kate Cobb: Skype, Siestas, LifterLMS, Focus, Designing your Business and Singing 

Skype, Siestas, LifterLMS, Focus, Designing your Business and Singing with Kate Cobb, the Course Creation Coach

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Skype for Coaching Calls – “When I moved to France and I still had my clients in the UK then, generally, it was telephone really more than Skype but clearly we couldn’t have a face to face coaching session so it was almost that I was forced to do it. Then when I was forced to do it I really found how powerful it was. I think it’s a bit like, I don’t know if you’ve had this experience, when you’re driving along with someone in the car, they’re sitting next to you but you’re not looking at them. Sometimes, you can have really deep conversations with people and they’ll reveal things that they wouldn’t normally if you were face to face.”

LifterLMS – “The learning management system I’ve been trialling at the moment is called LifterLMS, which is a free WordPress plugin. I’m always looking for no cost or low cost solutions for people as well. That’s one worth looking at.”

Teachable – “is another learning management system that I’ve been looking at recently.”


“I like Jeff Walker’s Launch where he takes you through his wonderful system. I’ve got a lot of time for him. I think he’s a person with lots of integrity.”

“I like things like the Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. He talks about using meditation in companies. He interviewed lots of CEOs and they didn’t necessarily call it meditation but that was absolutely what they were doing and where they were really tapping into their creativity and getting great. In ‘The Big Leap’ he talks about us getting into our zone of genius as human beings and that’s tapping into that while we’re working and I just love that idea. Yes, worth looking up if you’ve not come across that one.”


“I love the radio as well. I love radio plays. In English, I have to say, not in French. I love plays on radio. Radio 4 Extra is my absolute favourite radio station.


Taking naps – “I have a siesta after lunch. Which is, we would probably, call a power nap but, obviously, in France we call it a siesta. That is really for 20, 30 minutes and I go quite profoundly asleep sometimes to have the rest to then come back and start working.”

Building in Flexibility – “The thing that I enjoy about being my own boss is having flexibility. If somebody says come out for coffee or come for lunch, and it’s a Wednesday, and I can fit that in because I’ve got nothing else planned then I will do that knowing that, probably, I’ll be making up for that by working Saturday morning but that’s okay with me. I’m happy to work in that way.”

Designing Your Business – “I’m a great believer that we’re in business for ourselves and therefore we need to design a business that really works for us. That may not work for anybody else in the world but that’s fine. I’m always saying that to clients, ‘This is your business, what do you want to do with this?’”

Focus on 3 Things – “The thing that I do do first thing in the morning, and I normally am quite consistent about this and, it’s almost as if as I’m waking up I will ask myself a question which is more often than not, “What 3 things can I do to move my business forward today?” I write them down. If I’m doing it as I’m waking up, I think, that’s a really good time to be in touch with your intuition anyway. I’ll ask myself a question and then I’ll just wait and sometimes the ideas come up immediately and sometimes they need a bit longer to come up with the 3 things. I write them down and I make sure I work on them. If I work on nothing else that day I do those 3 things. Sometimes, if I am up early and working early on those 3 things can be done by 10 o’clock.

Structuring Projects – “I tend to, I suppose, organise myself more around projects. As you know, I’ve just been running a 7-day challenge to my Facebook group to design an online programme in a week. I’d set this up quite legitimately but purely selfishly because I wanted to get this done. I thought if I don’t have people saying, “Why aren’t you doing this?” Or I’m not conscious of it then I’m not going to do this in a week so let’s ask some chums to join in on it. For my online project for that then I’ll make a plan so I’ll write up the modules, I’ll have a structure. I have to work from a structure and that’s the way I design programmes and get people to design their programmes too is working from a clear structure.”

Strategies to Finish Working – “This did work for me, is to set an alarm on my phone, I don’t know, something like 9:30 which is then the time to prepare to go to bed. It’s not to say I go to bed at 9:30 but that means closing down the computer, not doing anything else online after that time, and really getting into a state where I can go to bed at a reasonable time and get to sleep.”

Learning – “I like trying things out for myself, that’s the way I learn best. I do participate in webinars and I read stuff online about new tools that are coming in for learning. I tend to have to practise it myself. For me, the visual is really important as well so it needs to look good, it needs to be quite simple to use, and the only way I could judge that is actually signing up for a free trial or whatever and going in and playing around with it for myself.”

Singing to Relax – “I sing, I’m in a choir. I’ve been in choirs since I was at school so forever and ever. I find singing is the best way to switch off because when you’ve got a score in front of you and you’re in rehearsal for 3 hours the only thing you can do is focus on that.”

To Contact Kate

“The best place, at the moment, is to like my Facebook page That’s the place, at the moment, that I’m putting my stuff out on, certainly, to coaches and to individual trainers who are looking for help.”

“People can always email me, kate@katecobb.com

Tweet: “You can have really deep conversations with people and they’ll reveal things that they wouldn’t if you were face to face.” https://ctt.ec/qC6iU+

Tweet: “The thing that I enjoy about being my own boss is having flexibility.” https://ctt.ec/19bG2+

Tweet: “I’m always saying that to clients, ‘This is your business, what do you want to do with this?’” https://ctt.ec/Ke42j+

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  1. Chris here; cofounder of LifterLMS. Glad you’re trying out LifterLMS. Let’s build great courses together!

    It’s great to see people like Kate empowering other online course creators.

    1. Great to hear from you Chris. Sorry for the delay in replying! Kate had good things to say about your platform 🙂

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