Liz Copeland: Self Care, Walking, Timetabling, Coaching and TED Radio Hour 

Self Care, Walking, Timetabling, Coaching and TED Radio Hour with Liz Copeland

What We Recommended:

Tools & Apps

  • Buffer – to schedule social media posting.
  • Using a Timer – “One of the major things I use in my business. I don’t know whether to classify it as a tool or an app, but it’s the timer on my mobile phone. The reason for that is, if I have a job to do and I’m just putting off doing, and I don’t want to start, it I will set the timer for ten minutes, because even I can stand ten minutes of almost anything, other than unrelenting pain, that would fill me. Other than that, I can do ten minutes of something. Quite often with these things are difficult to you just getting started. I would say, right if I just do ten minutes today, that’s all I have to do, but I have to get started on that.


  • Super Coach: 10 Secrets to Transform Anyone’s Life by Michael Neill
  • Thanks for the Feedback: The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well – “a lot of the problems we have with other people are around miscommunications. It’s when we say, one thing and they interpret that we mean a totally different thing. We think that they are being difficult or they don’t understand us, well they are right, they don’t understand us, but it kind of goes into the various kinds of conversations you can  and the feedback you can give. It’s very useful if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of horrible feedback or, you given feedback and it wasn’t received properly, then, I think that’s an interesting book to read.”


  • Preparing the Day Before – “A London day, is very much dictated by the meetings I would have there. The day really starts the day before, because I like to make sure, I know what clothes I’m going to be wearing the next day, and I’ve got all the paperwork I need. I hate scrabbling around on the day that I’m doing something, to work out where I’m going or where I’m meeting.”
  • Timetabling – “I will work to a timetable because I’ve got the kind of brain where I easily get side tracked and, I can get … my brain goes one of two ways. Either I can’t start things, because it seems like too big or too difficult to task, so I put off doing them. Or, I get into a task and then I can’t stop it, because I get so involved in it. By timetabling, I know that if I’m going to spend an hour doing social media, or an hour doing web admin or something of that nature, I can timetable it in, set aside the time for it, but it doesn’t take over my whole day.”
  • Planning and Getting Things Done – “I work on what needs to be done by the end of the month, what needs to be done over the next two weeks, because two weeks is a useful time zone, simply because, the stuff that’s in the second week is far enough away, that you’re not scared of it yet. That’s sort of psychologically quite useful. Then what needs to be done this week, and then what needs to be done today.”
  • Walking for Creativity – “What I find happens is that, when I’m on the dog walk, because that’s so relaxing and I’m out in the countryside, it kind of rejuvenates you and it’s a very reflective time, where you can think about what you’ve been doing during the day. Quite often that generates a lot of ideas. At the very least, I want to come home and write all those ideas down, and that gets processed. Also, that’s the time when I’ll think about what I’m doing the next day, and do I need to prepare anything for that. Dog walking is excellent, because you’re out in nature, admiring the landscape. There is something very, I don’t know the word, recuperative, very healing about being out in nature.”
  • Taking Time Out – by blocking off the time, I can say to myself, I’m going to spend the whole of the next hour doing nothing, and not feel guilty about it, because I know when that hour is up, I will be going into work and be working at a hundred percent. Coaching demands energy and focus and you need to build into your timetable space where you can rejuvenate from that.
  • Spas – “I love going to spas and having spa breaks, and being pampered. I just adore the smell of spas. You know when you’re going into a room and you’re going to be massaged and you can smell all of the essential oils, that’s wonderful, I really like that.
  • A Hot Shower – “There’s something therapeutic about being cleansed, about a cleansing aspect of it, and the refreshment of the water. You can walk in feeling tired and dog eared and you come out feeling like a new person and you put your clean clothes on, I think that’s absolutely wonderful. You can tell I’m a woman who’s a cheap date, I like the really simple pleasures in life!”
  • Exercise – “When I’m in London, I’ve decided I will only ever do one leg of a tube journey. If it’s two stops, I will then have to change. I will come up over ground after the two stops and I will walk the rest of the way. I wear flat shoes when I’m in London, so I can walk quickly and that’s part of my exercise programme.”
    Sleep – “I can nap at any time, I’m a great napper.”
  • Dealing with Challenging Stuff – “I think, something somebody said to me years ago, which I think is so true, they said, “Will you even care about this in ten years’ time?” I said, “I won’t even remember this in ten years’ time.” If you’ve got a time perspective on it and you project yourself forward in time, you know, how will I feel about this at the end of the week. You might still be a bit cross at the end of the day, but at the end of the week I’m not going to be. Why not just go into that state now and cut out the middle man?”


  • TED Radio Hour – “I also listen to things like the TED talks. On the radio, they have the TED radio Hour.” Comment from Jo – I also listen to the TED Radio Hour thing, a great way of getting introduced to some of the TED talks to go and listen to the full length versions as well.

Tweet: “I’m on the dog walk and I’m out in the countryside it kind of rejuvenates you and it’s a very reflective time”

Tweet: “I wear flat shoes when I’m in London, so I can walk quickly and that’s part of my exercise programme.” @lizcopelanduk

Tweet: “One of the things I use in my business is the timer on my phone. If I’m putting off a job, I’ll set the timer for 10 mins”


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