Show #65: Finding Fulfilment by Making Connections: with Paula Gardner 

Paula Gardner is a Business Psychologist, Executive Coach, and the Founder of Scarlet Thinking, a visibility coaching company based in London specialised in helping executive professionals and brands gain more visibility and raise their professional profile.

She is the author of Do Your Own PR and Get Noticed and the creator and facilitator of several workshops and mastermind groups, including Your Archetype Workshop and The Hot House Business Mastermind Group.

Paula joins me today to share how she finds fulfilment by making connections and building relationships with her friends, family, and professional colleagues. She explains how she prioritises her tasks to achieve her goals and how she manages to find a work-life balance that suits her lifestyle. She also explains how blocking time in her schedule to allow her to focus on herself, the things she values most, and the connections she’s made with others allow her to have the power to live more.

[spp-tweet tweet=”“One of the beauties of working for yourself is that, quite often, your clients or the people you meet through networking become friends.” – Paula Gardner”]

This Week on the Power to Live More Podcast:

  • How she helps clients overcome fear and anxiety around building visibility and raising their profile.
  • How she prioritises her personal and professional tasks and responsibilities to achieve her goals.
  • Time-management strategies she uses to balance her personal and professional life.
  • How she incorporates technology into her business.
  • How she used video to train new hires.
  • Why prioritising “deep-thinking” time is important to her.
  • How she manages her health and wellbeing while travelling and running her business.
  • The importance of being intentional about how you spend your time and understanding when to say ‘no.’
  • How she gets motivated to stay fit and active.
  • How she finds time to relax and unwind.
  • Learning from mistakes and failures.
  • Why building relationships and connecting with others is her idea of living more.

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Paula Gardner:

Connect, Share, Inspire

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