Simon Jordan: How to Avoid Making Ego-Driven Decisions 

The late Simon Jordan was a coach, mentor, branding, and design consultant and founder of Simon Jordan Marketing. He worked with coaches and consultants internationally to help them to build profitable and powerful brands that make a difference in the world.

We lost Simon just before Christmas 2021. It was a shock as he was always so lively and full of energy but in the show he mentions his heart problem, which I believe is why he died. What we don’t mention is that about ten years ago Simon lived with us for a few weeks between houses. We were close and I miss him loads. It was lovely to hear his voice again though when I listened back.

He had extensive experience in marketing and advertising and had worked with top brands such as Nike, Coca Cola, Porsche, and Sky TV, in addition to his previous career at a prestigious London design agency.

Simon was also an international keynote speaker on the twin topics of business and marketing advice, which he delivered with his own brand of motivational insights and humour. 

Simon joins me to share how he worked with his clients on their brand development and why it was vital to him to ensure that his advice and ideas resonated with them and allowed them to build their business authentically.

He shares tips for independent business owners, including why he relished the freedom of outsourcing parts of his business and how he did it to achieve the best effect.

Simon also explains how he made keeping healthy and looking after himself a priority and why he tried to be intentional about what he needed to stay on an even keel physically and mentally. 

“When we’re in flow, the ideas just come, and we’re tuned in to what the universe wants to bring – not driven by ego or distracted by everyday tasks.”

Simon Jordan

This week on The Power to Live More Podcast:

  • The importance of aligning your purpose, your brand and your personality
  • Simon’s four stages of building a brand and the Simplicity of Success programme.
  • How Simon’s business focus changed over the years
  • How Simon worked with the International Association of Bookkeepers (IAB) as their Creative Director to humanise the brand and increase engagement
  • Why Simon binned his smart suits
  • What Simon’s working day looked like and why he got up at 5.30am each day
  • The tools and apps that kept Simon on track
  • How Simon kept up to speed with developments in his professional field
  • Why Simon didn’t join Facebook groups
  • Why Simon tried not to wallow when faced with challenges in life
  • What Simon’s day looked like when he was living more

Resources Mentioned:

Simon Jordan:

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