Steve Jones on Show #49: Self-Motivation and Strategic Thinking 

Steve Jones initially worked with Fitness First, where he became a vital part of its quick expansion. When he began working with Shirlaws Business Coaching in 2002, he once again witnessed its fast growth in the U.K.

Today, Steve is the founder of Skills for Business Training Limited, a company that deals not only with the process-related app concerns of businesses, but also in the organisational challenges regarding its workforce.

Steve joins me today to explain the significance of thinking strategically in business and in motivating yourself to continue moving forward. He also shares how he helps business owners have the right mindset about leadership and management of their business, explains the rationale behind Shirlaws’ Red, Blue, Black (RBB) framework, and why he only has five items on his to-do list each day.

“Be clever about your thinking. Do not get dragged into your disappointments and self-criticism.” – Steve Jones

This Week on the POWER to Live More Podcast:

  • Steve’s career journey
  • Assisting fast-growing businesses with their management, employee engagement, and leadership concerns
  • The biggest challenge he faced after changing career paths
  • Finding balance between his business and his personal life
  • The three categories of Shirlaws’ RBB model
  • When to outsource certain tasks
  • His mindset for getting things done
  • How to focus on the most important tasks
  • Pursuing self-care through exercise and fasting

Steve’s Advice for Leaders:

  1. Know who to trust with the job.
  2. Learn from your disappointments and learn how to move on.
  3. Don’t rely too much on other people and learn to take more personal responsibility.

Resources Mentioned:

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